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    Audi Data Plug and App

    So my car came with one of the Audi Data Plugs in the OBD port, seems a bit gimmicky but I thought I'd download the app and try it, is it totally unreliable or is that just mine? It seems to lose the connection and data, I drove to Bristol Airport the other day and my the app said I'd left the...
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    Road sign recognition.

    Hi all, I recently collected a 2017 FL S3, it has the virtual dash and the large screen MMI, my question is, can I get the speed limit signs up on the dash? I read on a few sites it can be done. It shows on the MMI but i think thats just information from the sat nav, but even to get that on the...
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    Back in Audi Ownership.

    Hi All, I've just collected a 2017 S3 Saloon, seems a good spec and a nice car for sure. I'm sure I'll be on here asking plenty of questions but for now I have only one... I had a Golf MK7 R until a few months ago and I'm sure it had a better sound in sport mode and certainly better "pops and...
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    What protection for Alacantara.

    So I've just picked up my 2017 S3, its got the mixed leather and alcantara interior (an upgrade I'm told) what is the best product to use the clean and protect the alcantara? Thanks.
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    Auto Dip Mirror

    Hi all, I am about to have the windscreen changed due to stone chips in the area that fails the MOT, I thought as I am going to have a new screen I would take the opportunity to swap the rear view mirror for a auto dipping type, my question then is are all auto dipping mirrors the same...
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    Here it is.

    So as discussed before, here are the pictures of the wheel i bought for my 07 S4. The question is, will it fit and what will i need? I currently have paddles but thats all, so will my slip ring work and will I need anything else?? I guess there is no way to tell if my airbag will fit until its...
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    Coil Packs

    Hi all, having had the massive problems on my 2.0t when a coil pack went I thought I would look into whether the S4 had a recall on them, on another forum there are many threads on this. I contacted my local Audi dealer and gave them the info on my car, they replied with "there is no recall on...
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    Will this fit??

    Hi all, I just just won a MFSW on ebay but now reading through Google I am not sure it will fit. the Part number is 8PO 419 091 EB WUL. there are a few posts and some say its from an A4 and other say A5 or even A3. It doesnt have an airbag but I am sure I can source one if all else is good to go...
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    Steering problems

    Hi all, I jumped into the car tonight to drive home from work and there is something not right with the steering, it is really heavy at slow speeds. I have done the obvious like tyre pressures and oil level in the steering pump but that's all good. i have always thought the steering was heavy...
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    Back from Bodyshop.

    Well I got the car back last night, it was in Sewards Bodyshop after the nice man ran in the back of me.. All i can say is dont use them! first problem, the bumper isn't lined up on one side, the gap gets bigger from the light cluster all the way to the wheel, I reckon about a 4mm gap at the...
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    Cruise Control Retrofit

    I hope I am not asking something asked a million times already...I intend to retro fit cruise onto my S4 when I get it back, it doesn't have a MFSW but it does have the gear change paddles so what will I need to replace? Also, if I fit a auto dimming rear view mirror does anything need coding...
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    Anyone had experience of Seward Bodyshops?

    Well my second week of S4 ownership has been rounded off by a muppet hitting me.. My insurance company want me to use Seward in Havant for the repair, now i can't see the Sprint Blue being all that easy to match, I have damage to rear bumper and quarter panel and will not be happy if the colour...
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    Who's got the nearest VAGCOM to me?

    I am in Southampton so is there anybody with VAGCOM near me? I need to get the DIS 1&2 operational and it seems its a setting, I only have 1 on my new S4. Thanks.
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    DIS setting

    Hi all, here's another question following my S4 purchase. I appear to have only one set of readings on the DIS, my old B7 had 1 & 2, the second one was a breakdown of everything since last reset as opposed to the first one is daily. is it possible its been switched off or something?? Its a pain...
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    Auto fold mirrors

    Apologies if this has been asked before, i have searched without much success! My new S4 has folding mirrors, is there a way to make them fold when locking the car?? Also, i have noticed that there is a mic inside the panel in the roof, was this fitted to all S4's with or without bluetooth?? I...
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    How to check Xenons

    Hi, well S4 ownership is going well, just keep finding excuses to drive! One thing, the headlight adjustment seems wrong, my old B7 had auto lights so when I started i saw the lights go thru the self level set up, but I dont see it happening on the new car, It doesnt have auto lights so how can...
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    Anybody know this S4

    So I have now found another S4, the guy with the 55 plate wont play ball. this is another Sprint Blue car, 07 (high tax!) 63k miles but with private S4 plate, for sale in Hillmoren car sales nr Coventry. Any one know this car??
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    S4 Spec levels

    Hi all, I am still looking at this S4 but now wonder if the spec is too low, my 2.0t has auto lights, rain sensor wipers, auto dipping mirror and MFSW, this S4 has none of the above but does have Bose and Nav, I guess I can retro fit some of these bits but I wonder if the spec is too low for...
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    Considering changing to an S4

    Hi all, I am considering swapping my remapped 2.0tfsi quattro for an S4, my car still makes me smile when I give it some but I still fancy that V8.... So all you S4 owners out there, if I buy a B7 what is the real world MPG and is it suitable as a daily driver?? also is mileage an issue, I have...
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    Wheel offset question

    I know this may sound stupid to those who know but, which way does the offset work? my wheels are et35 which has been fine until i fitted new pads, then they hit the carriers! I have now fitted 5mm spacers so I assume I now have et40?? I ask this because my wheels fill the arches right to the...