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  1. stevehall

    2.0T FSi - Kettle’s Boiled

    I dont know.. If i start the car the whistle/ air suck noise is faint, if i blip the throttle to about 3k and then let it drop back to idle the whistle/ air sucking is loud and stays at the same level, and then when i turn the car off it carrys on for maybe 2-3 sec. I think it must be...
  2. stevehall

    vag com

    The plug is under the steering wheel near to the bonnet leaver.
  3. stevehall

    2.0T FSi - Kettle’s Boiled

    Did not think it was normal. hmm!
  4. stevehall

    2.0T FSi - Kettle’s Boiled

    Hi, I have a few problems with my 2.0T FSi at the moment L One problem I have is that when the engine is running and I listen there is a whistle like a kettle has boiled, and keeps going a few seconds after I turn it off. I am not sure if it has always done this, but it does not sound...
  5. stevehall

    vag com

    Speak with NHN, He sells the kit on here - I myself got it from him and he's a good guy. You can download the software Ross-Tech: Home but you need a genuine cable.
  6. stevehall

    2.0T FSi Fuel Filter

    Morning, I am having a few problems with my A4 B7, and i think i need to change the fuel filter as the problems are fuel related. Anyone know where its located, and how easy this is? I have done some hunting around and can only see posts on the TDi's Steve
  7. stevehall

    Oil consumption 2.0TFSI spec ed Quattro

    Will have a look! Will be p1ssed if it is, altho impressed with the 900cc performance!
  8. stevehall

    Oil consumption 2.0TFSI spec ed Quattro

    I think i am quite lucky with mine, its a 2.0T fsi and I got a 1ltr top up bottle when I first got the car - and still have a little left. Its lasted me about a year and 50k. Although its had a full oil change every 20k (6months)
  9. stevehall

    Your favourite towbar!

    Hi Chris, Sorry i have taken so long to reply, been a busy few weeks. I did fit it myself, got the towbar and electrics from towequipe, they were really good - next day delivery on everything I needed. This is the tow bar i got (i think) - Towequipe - UK's best value towbar store - Audi...
  10. stevehall

    Your favourite towbar!

    I have a B7 SE, and you cant see my tow bar when removed?
  11. stevehall

    Help Please 2.0T FSI Rattle

    my is loud, and it was the day i got it (2 years ago and 60k miles) and it still sounds the same.
  12. stevehall

    Running Gear Service

    I have a 2.0T Quattro B7 auto and over the past week it started to jump between gears, other than that seems to be fine. Its getting on abit at the moment, its a 2005 with 115k. On my MOT they noticed some oil on the read diff, but in the service they said there was nothing to worry about...
  13. stevehall

    A4 Avant S Line - arrives on Wednesday!

    Not long left now! Send us some piccys!
  14. stevehall

    My A4 - Whats it worth?

    I am thinking of getting a new Audi, and just wanted to know what people think mine is worth? My baby is a Audi A4 2005 (B7), SE, 2.0T FSI, Quattro, Tip. It has full Audi history, last service was about a month ago, and nothing was picked up on this. I have retro fit, RNS-e, tow bar...
  15. stevehall

    Bluetooth retro fit - Fiscon or Audi OEM - which is best

    Hi. I use a Fiscon kit in my A4, i got a new OEM one, but as my car had a retro fitted rns-e, and i could not get a loom to match the car, and the retro RNS-e, but the Fiscon kit worked. If i had more time i would have done the OEM kit, but the Fiscon just plugged in with no problems. I...
  16. stevehall

    How to turn off route in DASH?

    Yeah sorry. The item number for the colour DIS - This is something i have always wanted to do but thought it was very hard and very expensive?
  17. stevehall

    Oil Leak from Rear

    Hi. I have a Quattro and on the MOT they picked up an oil leak from rear of car, so i guess its the Quattro system Anyone know how much i will be looking at to repair, depending on what it is? It cant be a bad leak as its not left any parches on drive or work space? My other worry is how...
  18. stevehall

    How to turn off route in DASH?

    Do you have the item number of the one you got? I want to take a look at it
  19. stevehall

    fuel filler flap lock stopped working - anyone else had this?

    This happened to my Avant, and as you say the parts where very cheap. I did not do the change myslef - as mine stopped working 'just' after someone wanted to park in my boot so i got it all done at the same time.
  20. stevehall

    A4 Mudflaps

    I did not drill - It says you should but i felt that they were a good fit without drilling.. You have to remove the rear wheels though, bet it took me about 45mins to fit them all. I am unable to get any photos at the moment as my Audi is in the body shop :( as soon as its back, if no one has...