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  1. IPSGA

    My S4 is cursed :(

    Why the blanking out of the reg number pal, ruins the pic ?
  2. IPSGA

    My S4 is cursed :(

    Bleeding hell, that's amateurish, be looking for a kid with a tin opener, scruzz bags, I'd cut their fingers off one be one..
  3. IPSGA

    How great does this look ?

    mintarooney, super cool, wonder what its top speed is ? and its 25mph. Not so sure of the 600 dollars beforehand and we don't need your address, delivery feb
  4. IPSGA

    What is your favorite breed of dog?

    Springer - Riley, my lad
  5. IPSGA

    Oxygen Thieves

    That ain't no kid who's done that, looks a bloke in his 40-50's, more like a neighbour dispute to me ?
  6. IPSGA

    Fog Lights

    £50 quid ticket, no points
  7. IPSGA

    Your car beside a __________ (Game)

    Going well, wifes got the car at mo so I'm on the bike, could do me bike at a postbox ?, how about just posting next to 'unusual/iconic/funny places etc..
  8. IPSGA

    Fog Lights

    A lot have these wanky DTRL, the twaty ones that go off when you indicate and come on at night to 'guide' you round corner, ffs sake,who decided these are needed, EU toss drossers. And how many drive around in the dark with DTRL thinking they have lights on just cos the dash lights are on...grrr
  9. IPSGA

    ****** british weather!

    chuffin ell, well OCD, you not got tinterweb for female porn..
  10. IPSGA


    I'm all for letting them overtake, 30 is 30, come ahead by all means, I feel much better having them in front than behind, all camera'd up so crack on whhanker..
  11. IPSGA

    ****** british weather!

    lazy sod, clean it ya self in future, less a disappointment...unless your crap at it...! :moa:
  12. IPSGA

    hey, where do you live, what area

    hey, where do you live, what area
  13. IPSGA

    Wandering driver

    "median"... central res over here yank !
  14. IPSGA

    What do you hate???

    People who don't indicate at roundabouts or when turning in at junctions, too chuffin busy textin, whhanker
  15. IPSGA

    What is your MPG?

    Depend who's driving, I get about 33-38, the wife gets 26-28 but she sits in traffic. £65-70 to fill it up, 360-380 miles out of it, all traffic dependent and time of day.
  16. IPSGA

    Engaging 1st gear problems on my S4 Cabro (2007)

    We have an 07 cab too, same issue which is intermittent, drop into second if it happens but mainly on a cold engine, 59,000 well serviced etc. Wrote it off to just one of those things, it is an Audi after all !
  17. IPSGA

    A Selection!

    :laugh::laugh::laugh:... using a few of them...:laugh:
  18. IPSGA

    What do you hate???

    What a crock, section 59 reform for starters, should be knocking on a door or three with these plastic cops. **** of a system wont allow the recovery of a non owner car as someone needs to be billed..or the police get the bill, these days with cuts it'll be hard to get authority from an Insp to...
  19. IPSGA

    What do you hate???

    Clearly not been married long enough...
  20. IPSGA

    If you ran an Audi main dealer ! ?

    All depends on you experiences and expectations. I bought our Audi from Audi Shrewsbury from a really nice chap who was in his senior years, very helpful and great price for cash with thrown in extra's. Now Manchester Audi is a different story even though they are of the same group 'Jardine...