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    Wanted: Passenger Mirror Glass AutoDim & Heated Required

    OK so I have a warranty with the car which SUPRISE SUPRISE does not cover the mirror cause its glassed as a heated element. The replacement from the dealer for just the glass is extortianate so just wondering if anyone has either just the glass or the whole assembly knocking around. Its got to...
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    SLT Remaps

    Anyone used SLT remaps in Sheffield? If you did what did you think of the service/aftercare? Thanks
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    Front End Rattle

    I have a rattle that appears to be eminating from in front of me and can be heard when going over bumps. I have not yet had the time to check the usuals like springs or anti-roll bars but is there anything specific fault wise I should also check? B8 A4 SLine 2008
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    HELP?? What tyre size

    I currently run 245/40/18s on my B8 Audi A4 SLine. Im looking to fit some winter rubber for a trip to somewhere snowy so what size do I need to get? Should I stick with the 245s or can I use a narrower setup.......say 225/45/18???? Cheers