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    Panic alarm(uk) ??

    hi all, I recently had an atemted break in on my house for my S3 keys. My old car used to have a function that you held down buttons on the fob and it caused the car alarm to go off, does the A3/S3 have this? Cheers all
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    S3 exhaust trim

    Hi all, does anyone know if you can buy the exhaust trim only for the S3 or is it the whole system
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    Audi S3 and vRS

    Hi All, Well my first S3, had a fair few Audis A4(1.8T Quattro),5(3.0tdi Quattro) and 6(3.0tdi Quattro) and now this the latest. With audi you more or less know what your going to get so loving the build quality and refined nature of the car. its quick and nimble without maybe being earth...
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    lights options home coming and leaving settings

    All, just wondering is there a setting to adjust how long the lights stay on? increments of 5 seconds randomly our octavia(based on the same chassis) has more car set up options than my A3 or im not looking in the right place
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    S3 SD card slots and spare wheel

    Hi all, Forgot to ask this before but I think I'm right saying each S3 comes with 2 SD card slots, 1 will be used for sat nav if and when fitted and the other for music storage and the likes? I was wondering how large an SD storage capacity can the car handle? Last question, with most...
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    Lights on exterior handles or mirrors

    Hi all, slightly random question I know but was wondering if there are any lights on the exterior handles or mirrors of the A3/S3? i have these on my A6 and where i park at work come in very useful. thanks in advance
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    UK getting the A3 2.0tdi 150ps quattro?

    Hi all, just wondering if the uk are getting the above car? i know you can get the 184ps in quattro but no 150...yet?
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    Meerkat exhaust - ayr scotland

    Hi all, has anyone used Meerkat exhausts in scotland? looiking for reviews :) even better if it was an exhaust for a diesel :) :thumbup:
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    Official Milltek 3.0TDI Quad exhaust

    Right folks, following on from the other thread, one of our super helpful forum members has helped me out and spoken to milltek on my behalf. they have agreed to this exhaust if we can get suitable amount of interest and people willing to commit to the exhaust. can we get a list started for...
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    Hi all, my car has just been in audi for 2 new headlights due to condensation. another few faults inc temp sender, rattles and creaking were looked at. the most worrying one was vibration thru the car when using the clutch. i drive the car every day so i noticed it easily. sadly audi cant...
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    boost gauge

    Hi all, has anyone fitted a boost gauge to their A4 1.8T, nothing boy racerish. just maybe a good idea to keep an idea what the turbos doing? has anyone seen the AMD one? kenny
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    B6 S4 brakes on a B6 1.8T

    Hi all, im thinking of changing the front calipers, discs, carriers and pads to S4 ones. do you think this is a worthwhile improvement? anyone done it before? kenny
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    Turbo inlet pipes

    hi all, what turbo inlet pipes are available for a B6 A4 1.8T S-LINE QUATTRO? I currently have a neuspeed item but it doesnt appear to fit correctly and is causing a fault code. who has what? any ideas on cost?
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    B6 s4 brakes

    Hi all, would s4(B6) front brakes be a good upgrade for my 1.8T s-line quattro(190)? would they fit ok?
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    turbo upgrades

    hi all, has anyone bit the buillet and upgraded their turbo? ive seen more and more upgrades for the 1.8T but most seem to have downsides. really looking for 270ish bhp/lbft ATP isnt cooled as per OE turbo jbs hybrid seems expensive, as does Amd
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    fault code 16795

    Hi, after my cars recent running problems fault code 16795 was found. secondery air injection system. any ideas?? its recently had an exhaust, CAT and Turbo inlet pipe
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    DV probs?

    hi all, what symptoms do u get with a faulty DV? under constant acceleration the turbo doesnt seen to whistle, almost broken noise instead of constant, as if driving past fence any ideas?
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    hesitant acceleration

    hi all, after having my milltek exhaust and cat plus the nuespeed TIP fitted ive noticed at higher speeds 50+ the car seems to almost pulse when accelerating. almost as if its surging. is it maybe just cause the car needs remapped to take mods into acount. cars standard map at the moment
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    brake pads

    im about to book my car into the dealer for new brake pads front and rear, does anyone know an approx cost it should be? im not wanting ripped off. cars a A4 1.8T quattro 190bhp
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    ATP manifold

    hi all, after my recent milltek CAT, exhaust and nuespeed TIP ive decided to get the ATP manifold fitted. im booked into star performance at the end of the month, so fingers crossed its worth the money :) on another note, how easy is the DV to change on the B6 1.8T?