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    Suprised No takers-!
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    As per site rules the car is posted in the classified section for sale : Follow the ebay link within the ad for a few more details. Phone me on 07931696577 if you are interested. Ian
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    S Line suspension

    Just wondered if S Line A3s (mine is 09) have improved sports suspension compared to Sports models etc. Probably a very naive/stupid question but there you go
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    For Sale

    If any of you were considering an 8p; Good price...
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    Tuning on 2.0 TDi 140

    Not very familiar with this lark lads so enlighten me. After the missus instructed me to go for a diesel A3 we’ve spotted the ideal spec, but its not a DPF 170. After checking out Star Performance (they’ve fitted Cruise on a few of my A3s in the past) they say they can use software to increase...
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    Slow sale....

    No takers at all for my A3 - only couple of tentative contacts..... Perhaps I was being a bt presumptious but I thought this car would generate a lot of interest?! Could be a number of factors, with the current financial climate being the main one, but also I presume if people are buying an...
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    Stormtrooper for sale Ibis 2.0 TFSI 15k miles FOR SALE If anyone is on the look out, my car is up for sale :bye:
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    123d vs 2.0 TFSI

    Chaps, Probably been discussed here before but has anyone done a comparison between these two cars? I'm interested in the 123d purely from an econimical point of view - Audi doesn't offer something with the same power/econonmy. This brings me to my main point - 123d : 295...
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    Anyone got a black Leather Arm rest for an 8p for sale? Cheers
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    Creaking Rear Window

    Alright guys - pretty sure i've read about this phenomenon on here before? I have an 07 plate A3, with only 14k on the clock and the driver side rear window is beginning to creak like buggery and its really getting on my tits. Why on earth would this happen and what can I do about it? I'm...
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    Coming Home Lights

    Anyone ever used VAG COM so switch on this function - so that when you open the car you get front and rear lights on till you turn the ignition?
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    Glasgow Audi Alernative Anyone else heard of/used this lot? If so any good?
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    Back Bumper

    Some nugget has backed into my rear bumper and left a dent (big enough to annoy me and warrant a repair). Does anyone know if these can be heated and remoulded? I.E. whats ther cheapest repair solution here :hi:
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    "Courtesy" lights

    Is it possible to program the car so that the front and rear lights come on when i open it with the transponder key? On my 04 plate A3 i had auto lights and this was a function of that. My 07 doesn't have autolights but i heard this could be done..... Anyone know? :hi:
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    Cruise Control Retrofit - 7or10 Pin?

    Just booked my car into Starperformance to get Cruise fitted to my motor. March '07 TFSI S Line Got my 01 Turbo done there a few years ago, they do a good job. However nice chap Jim quoted £220 and said if the car doesn't have a 10 pin adaptor (?) behind the steering wheel, and only has a...
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    BMW Welt, Munich

    OK i know this is an Audi forum, but on a football trip i recently visited this place - very impressive. Basically a large fancy showroom, with a delivery area - quite a lot of people from all over Europe had come to personally collect their new cars.......... Some place - do Audi have an...
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    I had a bad experience with the car last week. Had to change a wheel and the jack spun off and the car flattened to the floor, with the jack embedding itself in the sill. I now have a buckled side moulding -the panel that runs the lenght of the car with the rippled appearance - it doesn't...
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    I love my car a lot, but i'm not so OTT that i'll shell out a whack on a new set of black circles. I'm looking to replace my set with a fairly cheap tyre (but not budget rubbish clearly) and have narrowed down to the Kumho 712 Ecsta. Bizzarly though i've seen this tyre for £80 per tyre, to...
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    Re Coding : A new key

    Hey guys - posted a week or two back about losing my key - pain in the neck. Anyway, to save myself £170 and time i bought a transponder on ebay and a blank blade. I fitted the blade onto the metal swing stalk and headed for the dealers today - as miffed as they were that i hadn't decided to...