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  1. Tommy

    Few bits and pieces

    Basically with my job im able to get a demo, i have to be 20 and im turnin 20 in august. I only work for citroen but they're bringin the ds3 out in march and tbh, its a quality car, very well built and the 150 thp is pretty quick too. Anyway, ive got some bits up for sale as i think its...
  2. Tommy

    Removing the glove box lid

    Anybody know how to remove and replace the glove box lid?! To me it seems like it is fixed onto the actual glove box, the only way i thought it would come out would be to take the pin out but that seems pretty solid.. Any info would be very appreciated!!! Tom
  3. Tommy

    Long shot - tyre swap, 235/35/19 for 215/35/19

    Basically, im lowerin my car soon, i need thinner tyres! The tyres i have are in excellent condition, have plenty of tread, nearly new. They are all budget tyres so nothin special, but i need some 215's, can be any make, reasonable tread, i will give extra cash on top. Get in touch if you can...
  4. Tommy 35 lol

    19" wheels with an offset of 35 will not fit an a3, am i right?!
  5. Tommy

    lowering springs for 8p 1.6 3 door..

    Im after some H&R lowering springs for my 1.6 a3, i want the lowest possible, (i believe its 50/50?) is it dpm that sells these? Also how much do they cost? Thanks
  6. Tommy

    Just a quick question about

    Another question about ****** grills i know lol, i understand that an s3 grill would fit an s line bumper, but would an s line grill fit on the s3 bumper? Thanks and sorry haha
  7. Tommy

    G.I Audi A3 2003 1.6 - £4500

    Im thinking about sellin my a3, downgrading so id be able to buy a bike.. 2003 - 53 reg lava grey 1.6 a3 has 130,000 on the clock, all motorway miles car is very clean inside and out, always wash and clean it (im a valeter) Its completely standard bar debadging and painted the centre...
  8. Tommy

    2009 a3 cab rear bumper for sale

    So i bought this bumper thinking it was for my 3 3 door hatchback, turns out to be the new shaped rear bumper off the cab! :banghead: Look identical apart from the verticle edges where the lights are! Soooo.... Someone please buy it lol Pics on request £70
  9. Tommy

    ETKA - Water Pump and Thermostat

    Can anyone with ETKA find me part numbers and prices for a water pump and a thermostat on a 1.6 a3 (non fsi if that makes a difference). Much appreciated Tom
  10. Tommy

    S3 grill on an s line bumper?

    I always thought that the s3 grill doesnt fit the s line bumpers and vica versa, well this chap here has an s3 grill on an s line bumper, unless its badged up differently...
  11. Tommy

    Black s3 with r8 alloys, chesterfield bypass

    I seen a nice s3 this morning, looked standard part from the r8 wheels, looked class to be fair! Anyone on here?!
  12. Tommy

    Vagcom cable off ebay?

    Alright guys, i want to buy a cable for vagcom for my laptop, but everyone ive seen so far doesnt seem to work with my car/laptop! I have windows vista and an a3 8p obviously..can any of you guys find a cable that will work for me? Much appreciated. Tom
  13. Tommy

    HID kits for pre-facelift a3's??

    I have a pre-facelift a3, (54 plate) will this kit fit my car? I always thought that you could only put HID kits onto cars with projector headlights? My car doesnt have projector headlights does it..? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  14. Tommy

    S3 Rep spoiler

    Ebay jobbie, anyone had a spoiler off this guy, obviously its cheap but can you get them cheaper else where? Does it look like an s3 spolier...
  15. Tommy

    Front Speaker Size in the a3?

    Anyone know the size of the components in the doors? Thinking about upgrading them, but i want to know what size they are first, as i dont fancy takin the door card off twice! Also, what is the size of the rear ones too? Many Thanks..
  16. Tommy

    Rear Wiper - Size of the hole?

    Im taking my rear wiper off and de badging so i need a grommit, just wondered if anyone knew the size of the hole? I know some of you will disagree about this mod but oh well.. Thanks Tom
  17. Tommy

    Pic request - 18's on a3/s3

    As the title says, i want to see some pics of an a3/s3 on 18's, preferably black and lowered!! Many thanks
  18. Tommy

    Sub sections..

    Can there be sub sections, within a sub section. In the audi a3 8p for example, have a "your cars" section where you post pics, progress threads of your car, "modifications and questions" section, ask for advice/tutorials. Just think it would break everythin up better, easier to find threads...
  19. Tommy

    1.9 tdi power gains

    Ok so im new here, currently looking at buying an a3. Bein only 18 i can only afford the 1.9 for insurance reasons. Say if i was to get a panel filter and a remap, what sort of gains would i be expecting, i understand that the standard 1.9 is around 100 bhp? Would you suggest any other...