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  1. Andy1608

    Top Gear Whingers

    to be fair to Sundays show I've been in a pretty serious car accident before and for the majority of the time I was laid in the road thinking 'this ambulance best hurry the f*ck up'
  2. Andy1608

    Top Gear Whingers

    Is it just me or is anyone else get bored of seeing people whinge about Top Gear on this site. If you don't like the programme just don't watch it. There is other options on TV or the Internet to watch car reviewing.
  3. Andy1608

    cold weather driving muppets

    Ok my little rant for today and every cold early morning I've been on the road. yes its cold so yes continue to please take care when driving but that's no excuse to drive at 30-40mph on a 60mph road. These people really infuriate me so much, there is more chance of someone driving behind them...
  4. Andy1608

    Uninsured car and the police don't care

    I'd hope the police don't show them the dash cam footage cause if they work put it's your dash cam you might find your car getting vandalised since they clearly don't care about breaking the law
  5. Andy1608

    I need a uk address of a relative.

    Ring him and try and reason with him first, explain how you feel and try and get it that way for first I'd say. Either that or get someone to ring up pretending to be selling something you know he might like and just try the good old 'can you give me your postcode and house nunber'
  6. Andy1608

    Nasty Viruses!

    I suffer from cystic fibrosis and try to avoid people with random bugs cause they can really knock me for 6 and put me in hospital without a care in the world
  7. Andy1608

    Grass Cutting/strimming

    I don't have a problem with this normally how ever when you've worked a night shift I'm not a fan of it one little bit. This guy is definitely not on my Christmas card list right now.
  8. Andy1608

    Is It Just Me?

    I don't use taptalk but the new site works a lot better than before I think
  9. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    It's not who you know, it's who you blow
  10. Andy1608

    paypal, dodgy members, reversals

    Or possibly do a bank transfer them work on their car. where you getting your card machine from? I only ask cause my mate sells them and could maybe do you a lower rate per transaction. It's not dodgy, he does it for a business so is the agent for most places in North Yorkshire, especially York...
  11. Andy1608

    Flappy Bird, who has it???

    You lot need to get out more lol If you think that flappy bird is impossible you want to see tash when she is flapping on at me! Does my nut in and I can only last about 1 minute.
  12. Andy1608

    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    could always try one of these too stickers for the back of the car
  13. Andy1608

    Bread van

    Sounds like some seriously un lucky timing. I agree with its his duty of care to visually check. He's In control and command. has there been much damage?
  14. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    Ha ha more like creaking dreams at the moment lol
  15. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    Just had a dreams bed delivered 9 hours late so now I have to put that together also 9 hours late!
  16. Andy1608

    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    The only reason i would buy a people carrier is when id want to pick up 4 friends to go camping watching superbikes or something. Saying that last year me and a mate road tripped in one, went France,Belgium,Luxembourg,Switzerland,Italy back into France and back home, Was an awesome road trip...
  17. Andy1608

    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    Can't beat giving some one the break test. Normally works for me when I've tried it too.
  18. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    Saturday shopping with the partner. Looking round all the homely shops. Managed to buy a new bed today, I pay and she pays me back monthly. Should have a tried looking in a mirror and see if I had MUG on my forhead lol.
  19. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    You been having a bit of death by power point lol
  20. Andy1608

    What do you hate???

    I wouldn't be happy about that at all. How much did you pay for it Phil? You got the seat and carpet stripped back too or test it first?