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  1. Svenedin

    Oil and filter change.

    Not the same model as yours but when I've done oil changes on my car I've got more oil out than is quoted. I even informed Opie Oils so that now their service kits have enough oil. Previously they didn't supply enough oil.
  2. Svenedin

    Viewing Front and rear images seperately.

    I can see both front and rear in VLC
  3. Svenedin

    Haldex Gen5 oil change and gauze clean.

    Not as far as I know. I don’t see why that would be necessary.
  4. Svenedin

    Facelift Its a Winter Tyre thread!

    My Winter tyres fitted today. I have a Summer and Winter set of wheels and I store the wheels in my garage in wheel bags until needed. I then load the wheels in the car and go to my local tyre place which swaps the wheels over for me for £24. I really can’t complain at that because it takes me...
  5. Svenedin

    Leaky engine oil cap?

    Mine clicks into place securely. Is the rubber missing/perished? I would get a new one.
  6. Svenedin

    Cloud of white exhaust smoke under heavy acceleration

    Definitely covered by warranty
  7. Svenedin

    Dodgy batteries

    Since the battery was replaced, which was only a few days ago, there are a few things that are noticeable. The car starts very quickly rather than weakly turning over and starting only after a few seconds and start/stop is working more or less at all times (when I haven't turned it off that is)...
  8. Svenedin

    Dodgy batteries

    Yes, the original battery was made by Moll (pic below). The warranty replacement is Varta, both Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)
  9. Svenedin

    Thinking of keep S3 long term

    I suppose a lot depends on whether the car is leased or bought outright. In my case I bought it outright.
  10. Svenedin

    Thinking of keep S3 long term

    I am also planning to keep mine for a good while yet. Mine is now 2.5 years old and 24,000 miles. I don’t really see the point in spending many thousands on a newer S3 that now has a particulate filter, less power and doesn’t sound as good as mine. I do share the concerns regarding the car’s...
  11. Svenedin

    Dodgy batteries

    An update on my battery. Car had a flat battery again and this time Audi replaced the battery (OEM Varta EFB) so the original battery only lasted just over 2 years (24,000 miles). Not only did the battery go so flat that it could not start the car (twice) but it was very noticeable that...
  12. Svenedin


    My S3 was the first automatic I had ever had after 30 years of driving manual cars. I would never go back to a manual now. I had a manual courtesy car recently and found it a chore to drive. As to the paddles I don't use them that often but I would miss them if they weren't there. Fun to drop...
  13. Svenedin

    These ****** exhaust tips...

    Fair point. I had a Skoda VRS Mk1 for 12 years from new. That was diesel. No particulate filter so dirty chrome tips and they never pitted.
  14. Svenedin

    These ****** exhaust tips...

    Yes. Mine are pitted on the inside lip at the bottom. This happened by the time the car was 12 months old and I don’t do many short journeys. I’d try to sort them out but I cannot get them off.
  15. Svenedin

    S-tronic (7-speed) shifting deterioration?

    My dealer said gearbox oil change at 20,000 miles (S3 7 speed DSG).
  16. Svenedin

    Interested in dashcam: Does Audi do one they can fit?

    The resolution is 1080p at 60 fps. I doesn't look jerky to me. If you have front and rear then I think the rear is of lower resolution but I don't know exactly what it is. I use VLC to view the video on my Mac and you can select either front or rear to view (they are contained in the same...
  17. Svenedin

    Interested in dashcam: Does Audi do one they can fit?

    Yes Audi make a dash cam called the Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR). It can be fitted by Audi and can be front only or front and rear. It does not show video on the MMI screen and the method for viewing recordings is via a smart phone app or by taking the micro-SD card out and viewing on a...
  18. Svenedin

    Smelly Aircon help

    Why would they change the pollen filter at an inspection service?
  19. Svenedin

    Smelly Aircon help

    Change the pollen filter (or ask Audi to do if you don't want to DIY) and then let off one of the air con cleaner aerosol bombs in the cabin (you can get them in Halfords, STP and Autoglym make them among others).
  20. Svenedin

    Some opinions on good neutral selection practice please

    I never use neutral. I just come to a stop at lights in drive and if it's going to be a while I engage the EPB and take my foot off the brake. What's neutral for? Well it disengages the drive train so pushing the car perhaps?