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  1. pjeffe9172

    Campaign 66I9

    +1 this is for the Avant models only.
  2. pjeffe9172

    Audi POI Special Destinations - Another way to do it

    Hi Andy, great so pleased it worked for you. In the txt file that it builds as part of the install it seems to delete all previous POIs with the same category so you are ok. I've just recently done this myself and changed the names of the cameras so can confirm it has deleted my old ones.
  3. pjeffe9172

    Audi POI Special Destinations - Another way to do it

    Hi Craig, mine did this. I had to wait a few minutes for the MMI to kick in. Interestingly I found I had to put the USB stick in USB slot 2 under the armrest....not sure if this helps?
  4. pjeffe9172

    B9 Who actually owns one?

    Mines a 2018 and I have had no problems with the black tips. I give them a good wash regularly when I do the car and this keeps them looking good. If you let the exhaust muck build up I know that this attacks any exhaust tips so I imagine the same would apply to the coating.
  5. pjeffe9172

    Traffic sign recognition- post 2022

    It can only be electronically limited anyway so where there is software.....there's an ability to manipulate and remove.
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    RS4 B9 Avant - Fueling on startup

    Thanks Cosmic, it all be interesting to see now the milder weather is coming whether it continues to be an issue.
  7. pjeffe9172

    RS4 B9 Avant - Fueling on startup

    Hi all, One thing that niggles me is that on cold startup the fuelling seems be a bit poor so if I try and drive straight away at low RPM <2500 the car jumps around. Does anybody else get this? The way round it is to wait for the rev counter to drop from 1k to 800 after about 30 seconds and...
  8. pjeffe9172

    B9 RS4 Avant MPG

    I do a lot of runs up to Manchester. Given the roadworks on M1, M6 and M62 (yes 54 miles of roadworks in a 155 mile journey) means I have been achieving 38mpg! That is sticking it on cruise control.
  9. pjeffe9172

    GPS Week Number Rollover?

    Im assuming that as 6th April has passed and nobody has posted about sat nav giving up the ghost that all went well with the rollover? I can't imagine having the same car in 19 years so can't foresee this being an issue.
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    Facelift Help needed - A4 rear bumper repair estimate.

    Whereabouts are you based Sean?
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    Loose Wheel Bolt Caps No More

    I remember seeing this Cuke thanks. It was just the locking wheel ones on mine, different code. I don’t remember seeing genuine sets on amazon either.....
  12. pjeffe9172

    Loose Wheel Bolt Caps No More

    Good evening everyone, Ever since I’ve had my RS4 the wheel bolt cap on the locking wheel bolts were all fairly loose. They used to come out when pressure washing the wheels. Inevitably two came off driving through some of this rain we’ve had recently. I looked online and found people selling...
  13. pjeffe9172

    Trouble mirror linking my iPhone X to MMI screen, need help!

    Hi Nathan, i'm not sure if it is the same as mine but go into the Mmi menu and scroll round to Audi Smartphone Interface and have a look for settings in there?
  14. pjeffe9172

    Squeal when pulling away

    On a more sensible note I would agree with Cuke - either a tensioner or pulley. Have you checked the belt, has it got some oil or grease on? I would stick it into Audi and get them to look at it. If you can get someone to film/record it on their phone as it will be sods law you cant replicate...
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    Squeal when pulling away

    I have that - its normally the missus :tonguewink:
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    Coolant and oil level

    My RS4 B9 (2018) needs .75 litres at 2000 miles. Since topping up the oil level indicator has not moved and I’m now at 7500 miles.
  17. pjeffe9172

    I am Michael Knight....

    haha 35 years ago we were amazed at Michael Knight talking into his watch and controlling KITT.... Well with today’s update to the myAudi app in the AppStore you now have access to the vehicle status and lock unlock features from your Apple Watch! Just updated the app and then it updates the...
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    B9 Low battery warning

    I had this with a Nissan Qashqai a few years back. The garage bench tested it and found it had a faulty cell. They said the stop start functionality can sometimes cause this and changed it under warranty no problem.
  19. pjeffe9172

    lacquer repair to alloy

    I would ring a mobile wheel refurbisher. They would probably rub that down and re-laquer the whole wheel for no more than £50.
  20. pjeffe9172

    Intermittent rubbing, grinding noise OSF wheel

    So I can’t fault Audi for their service. Drive the car in to the dealer this morning (not booked in) and they said they would have a tech look at it straight away. Low and behold two minutes later a tech comes out and we take it for a test drive. To no surprise the sound wasn’t there this...