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  1. rickquattro

    Amazing result from mufflerectomy tested on dyno

    Simple one but was there a map printing error... is that the actual map generated by your car, or another customers from the dyno database.... ?
  2. rickquattro

    Anyone know of any companies in the North West that can fit RNS-E to a 2002 A3?

    Sorry Craig, since I sold the car I have taken the pictures down from photobucket.. Rick
  3. rickquattro

    Hi Fran, thanks for the message. Its been a while since I was lurking around here! I did have...

    Hi Fran, thanks for the message. Its been a while since I was lurking around here! I did have the alarm and the battery, think that it was about £80 from Audi... People kept coming up with the alarm problem (beeps from the back of the car, right ?), but nobody took it. For some reason, mine...
  4. rickquattro

    DPF Problems on 170

    Thanks for this, will be looking into this mod on my van...
  5. rickquattro

    DPF Problems on 170

    Thomas, the $64,000 question is, how did you crack it?
  6. rickquattro

    DPF Problems on 170

    So, anyone an Audi Tech, how did they do that then? Very interested as I have a VW T5 174 with a dpf..
  7. rickquattro

    TDI v's S3

    Just re read all the stuff (rubbbish) I posted.. how embarrassing from the ill informed.... if only I knew then etc etc.... Suitably humble.
  8. rickquattro

    Alarm battery A3Q

    Here you go: Top of the box Side of the box Siren unit, unused or unfitted Back of siren unit Hope this helps. pm through forum or 07795592833 Rick
  9. rickquattro

    Alarm battery A3Q

    I have a genuine new, boxed alarm unit for sale, I sold the car so its no longer needed... part number as in the post above for A3 8L. Any interest for £50? Pics by request...
  10. rickquattro

    Pimp My Hearse...

    Chris, its not the Sportline per se, that is a pure van offered as a special package by RSD. It has no seats in the back and only has one door on the left side. I think there is a Sportline Combi but its not possible to spec a second sliding door which is important for me. I Started with a...
  11. rickquattro

    Pimp My Hearse...

    Better that than Bagpuss on a stick...
  12. rickquattro

    Have you owned an Open Top Car?

    Smart Cabrio, with the roof off, it does look like a pram but is great fun.
  13. rickquattro

    Pimp My Hearse...

    Well as Marc Almond sang, Say hello, wave goodbye... The much loved and fiddled with A3 TDi Q has gone to a new owner and its time to move on, to this... Lowered, 19"s coded body panels The mountain bikes do a lot better inside, there is room for 5 people, five bikes and still more space...
  14. rickquattro

    A3 Sportback, poor car for driving fans?

    Interesting... I had an 8L model and it was a bit the same. Took the info from the stickies to sort the suspension and completely re engaged with the car. It really came alive. Question is why it didn't get made like this in the first place....
  15. rickquattro

    Bike Rack recommendations?

    Does this help? I recently sold my 8L car and have a VW T5 van for my bikes. I still have the Thule rear mount rack for two bikes in my garden and it needs to go really. Will fit straight on your car, well protected anchor points and very solid. I think it is called a clip on high or something...
  16. rickquattro

    Favourite / Best UK Driving Roads

    Slight thread hijack.... Glen, from your number plate, were you in Musselburgh last weekend by any chance....? Yellow Porsche, thought it was your plate.... heading towards Edinburgh..... Oh and as for roads, A701 A68 "bomb alley" thank you speed camera partnerships, you know who...
  17. rickquattro

    Mountain Bike lugging.

    Trailer, I have just changed my car for a T5 174 van so have, Thule rear mount bike rack for two bikes and Full custom made interior boot liner, seats up or down and Thule roof bars.. All looking for a new home... Any interest?
  18. rickquattro

    a/c problems - 2001 a3 sport

    Similar problem for me. Ended up buying a new compressor from Cheltenham Radiators. Got a new pump, delivered quickly at a reasonable price... google or 0800 043 0014 HTH
  19. rickquattro

    Strange beeping sound ????

    Well if someone buys it, it will have a nice new stainless steel nut with it. Read the stickies at the top of the 8L section, I think it talks about the beeps. Got it.. Your username is for keeps.. unless you re...
  20. rickquattro

    Strange beeping sound ????

    Here you go... box has the same Audi part numbers on it but I guess you dont need to see a box.... Rick