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    Help Please Retro fit steering wheel

    Is there any sort of adapter to convert the linbus signal ?
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    Help Please Retro fit steering wheel

    Hi guys, recently got a steering wheel from a 2013 Q3, looking to fit it to my 2008 B8 (SE), and would like the radio controls to work but there seems to be a few differences in the wiring. My current airbag is 2 stage, whereas Q3 is 1 stage. The wire that goes to multi function controls on my...
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C7 Chassis) pics thread

    @Bulldog where did you get the smaller plate from? It looks neat, cleans up the boot lid
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    Grilles ???

    That looks good, my problem is my car is 2014 (pre facelift) and to buy the rs6 conversion from xenonzuk is to facelift the car as well, but the grille they supply has no Audi rings on it, I would like to have the rings on the grille. Then another supplier of the conversion bumper states that it...
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    Grilles ???

    The more I search the more confused as some list grilles for both and others don’t. I am struggling to find a C7.5 grille, which I think I need for an aftermarket rs6 conversion bumper for my s line
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    Grilles ???

    Is a pre facelift and facelift grille different? Looking into a rs6 style one, and on eBay they list as being different although they look indentical. any help would be appreciated
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    For Sale Genuine RS6 Diffuser

    As title states genuine diffuser off an RS6, good condition not broken or cracked no decent offer refused will get photos up tomorrow
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    goodbye C7... hello C7... goodbye C7

    Great looking car Andy,
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    Upgrading headlights

    Hi all, curious to know if it is possible to change the headlights on a A6 C7 from pre-facelift to facelift? Anyone tried it? If they can be changed will there need to be coding to allow them to work properly?
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    Help needed, electrcial faults

    Hi, recently my 2014 S line, started to give me some problems. Whilst driving the wipers would wipe the screen once or twice (stalk In the off position and not moved), I turned off the rain sensor to rule it out. And they still do it. would do this 2-3 times in one journey and then not do it...
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    Hello all

    Hi everyone, recently purchased a 2014 A6 S line, had been driving a Saab 93 for 4 years and fancied a change. so was weighing up some different choices of car. had looked at a mixture of BMWs, Volkswagens and Audis. But the A6 always caught my eye and ticked the boxes for, practicality, economy...