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  1. MalcB

    S3 Rear Diff Part Numbers ?

    Trying to help another member. A couple of years ago I had the rear diff chnaged on my car. However, I bought part number OAV525010B but found the Haldex unit had to be changed over from my original assembly which had part number OAV525010K. I thought the first 3 letters OAV , OBR etc determined...
  2. MalcB

    S3 8P Haldex grumbling ?

    I have an issue with Haldex unit on my "08" S3 8P. I get a rubbing noise when maneuvering in a car park for turning fairly tightly. It's worse first thing in the morning but isn't too bad once wormed up even better when the weather is hot. I've had somebody look at it and it appears the Haldex...
  3. MalcB

    Haldex Issue...

    Appears the Haldex Module on my S38P is faulty. It's not releasing correctly and causing a bit of "wind-up" and associated grumble when turning tight. Has anybody got one for sale please? Part No 5WP22241-01.
  4. MalcB

    TSR Performance - Open Day

    TSR are holding an open day on 24th Sept. Rolling road runs £30 I believe. Facebook Mini Meet ???
  5. MalcB

    Interesting meet just South of Bristol

    It's called the Lakeside Collective and is held at Chew Valley lake. By all accounts (my son went to the last one) it was a good'un. All sorts of interesting motors. Why not show your's......... Lakeside Collective
  6. MalcB

    REVO Stg1 v APR .............?

    I have been running REVO Stage 1 on my S3 8P for the last 18 months. Now have an APR dealer locally and was considering my option to change to ARP. I would welcome any comments or experiences you may have.
  7. MalcB

    APR Tuning in the West Country...

    Just a heads up for those living in the West Country. Retro Resus based in Bridgwater have been awarded a prestigious dealership for APR. See Retro Resus Retro Resus is headed up by Tom Walker as many of you will know is a perfectionist when it comes to car preparation.
  8. MalcB

    Weird noise from the back end.

    I've had a strange noise from the back of the car for some while now. Seemed to start after having a Milltek cat back fitted. Sounds like rubbing or vibration against the underside and only happens' with engine braking at about 2000 rpm going down hill and when things have warmed up. It will...
  9. MalcB

    TSR Bridgwater - Open day 6th June

    If any one is interested TSR are having an open day on Saturday 6th June at their place in Bridgwater. Good bunch of lads. Always good for a "chin wag"
  10. MalcB

    Old Audi's never die.....they just live on in a different body.

    Old Audi's never die.....they just live on in a different form;) This a little project my son and I finished at the end of last year. Was a MK2 Golf 1.6 Driver, now fitted with a BAM engine from an S3 and has S2 front brakes
  11. MalcB

    Potential S3 owner

    Just signed up as I'm looking at getting an Audi S3 8P. Very much like the look and the performance potential. I've had various performance cars including Mitsubishi Galant VR4, 350 BHP Suburu WRX Wagon, currently running a Stage 1 Cupra R Lowered etc.