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    Carbon Fibre Antenna...

    Unrelated sorry about that . I'm trying to find the part number for Carbon Atlas dashboard inlays anyone know? The part I need is for the inlay on the right which incorporates the headlight switch. Audi have given me 2 options but cant tell me which one is Atlas carbon. The part number either...
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    S4 Downpipe options

    Ive been checking the APR website periodically still nothing on there. I would imagine the figures would be up in RS4 territory that's probably the main reason Audi have made it so difficult and so only gives you one option is parting with the extra £30k + to buy one. Its only a matter of time...
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    S4 Downpipe options

    Yep That's true. I did a ring round last week still no joy on anyone releasing one soon. Anyone heard anything?
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    S4 Downpipe options

    Hi, I had a Miltek cat back fitted to my S4 B9 last year. The guys that fitted it told me they wouldn't advise putting the Miltek Sports Cat and down pipe on as it can throw up fault codes so the engine needs a remap at the same time. Is this true or a lot of cods whallop? Thanks.