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    RS3 Rebuild Project

    Subbed, excellent thread and channel
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    Powerflex Anti lift kit

    The alignment was completed after fitting and all seems good, there is a slight difference on the front wishbone bushes which may be throwing it out. I'm tempted to take off the powerflex kit and go with the superpro instead
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    Powerflex Anti lift kit

    Just had this kit fitted to my S3 and it feels a lot more positive on the road, not given it a thrashing yet to see if the kit has helped with understeer. I was a little concerned with how it sits on the wishbones, the driver's side sits back about 5mm further in the supplied bush. Just...
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    Tuning boxes, quick question.

    I'd avoid it and get a quality map, if it sounds too good to be true....etc
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    BCS Powervalve Exhaust for sale

    Has this sold?
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    Mapped s3's what mileage are you on?

    Stuck an initial Bluefin stage 1 with GFB Dv at 66,000, no problems so far
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    Boost Pressure Regulation Fault

    Could be the diverter valve itself, easy enough to check if so. Depending on which A/S3 you have and the location of the unit. I took the stock one out and replaced it with a GFB DV+ :)
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    I love my S3

    Just picked up my S3 today, 2008 ice silver. Lost my A3 which I loved, had a few mods but was reversed into in the works car park, insurance write off. Loved the A3 but the S3 is a totally different beast, only driven a few hours today but really surprised at the difference. Luckily I managed...
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    locking issue

    Its a common fault, I had this on my 5 door, passenger side eventually stopped working then could no longer open remotely.
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    Door look mechanism - not opening on key

    Thanks guys I will check out the rubbers and loom later for signs of wear, breaks etc
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    Door look mechanism - not opening on key

    This problem started a couple of weeks ago on the front passenger side not opening on the key, unless locked and opened again and again. The same issue has now apeared on the front drivers side and I can only open it on the key. Typically the car is just outside it's 3 months warranty from...
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    Does anyone know where this blue wires plugs into?0

    Its to power the aerial, connect it into live supply into the headunit
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    Audi a3 2.0 tfsi 197bhp upgarde cost to 240-270bhp

    I have a 2007 TSFI Bluefin remap, Pipercross filter and have the GFB diverter valve fitted tomorrow. The diverter valve was needed after the stage 1 remap, the stock one will just not handle the increase in pressure from the turbo. Also checked out a few of TimWills28 vids and did my...
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    Android RNS-E

    I jumped in and bought a different headunit off the back of this thread, it came from Witson and is an S160 headset model M049. No root available for it yet but it has some excellent functionality, overall very happy with it. About to jump in and pick up the same DAB adapter as docurley mentioned
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    REVO intake kits camcoat version offer

    Can yoiu PM me a price for the powdercoat version please :)
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    My A3 2.0 TFSi Sportback Build Thread

    Excellent thread, just had my car mapped using bluefin so going to change the diverter valve for a gfb dv+. Very handy to know whats needed for the install. Also going to fit an induction kit, that just sounds so much better and will hopefully let me get the most out of the remap. I see you...
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    Audi A3 2005 - Can I install a touch screen?

    Not sure but have a search around I am sure someone has at least tried the same
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    Audi A3 2005 - Can I install a touch screen?

    Welcome to the forums, there are Android headunits with touchscreens which are excellent but you need a double din chorus fitted.
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    Android RNS-E

    I have found this unit, do you think this is the same this one here please?
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    Remap dilemma..

    Just mapped my A3 TSFI Quattro with bluefin last night - its a conservative map but allows you to map it yourself and remove it if needed. Transformed the car, loads more mid range and improved throttle response - really happy with it :)