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    Help Please V158 Temperature Flap Motor Location with Pics

    Any body got an guides or advice on removing the vents and blower motor housing ?
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    Help Please V158 Temperature Flap Motor Location with Pics

    MY garage says that in the workshop manual on a right hand a4 you have to remove steering column and pedals to get to it? anyone got any other guides? Seems like some people have done this via the glove box?
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    HVAC Query - V158 Left Temp Flap Motor Replacement

    Hi has anyone had this. scan shows upper and lower limits exceeded. Getting loud clicks from top of dash near window. On some research the bracket seems to fail but if I'm getting this sorted i might swell change motor aswell. anyone done this? or have info on the job? Im told on right...
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    B8.5 Audi Drive Select Switch

    Morning, Can anyone tell me if the later model B8.5 dash switch marked Drive Select illuminates all the time or just when side light or other interior lights come on? Thanks
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    Fuel filler entrance

    Guys, When I look with a torch into the diesel fuel filler hole on my car all I see is a bit of metal on the top. I expected to see a plastic flap or such? Unless it's seized up. Can someone else have a look in with a torch? Do these have a flap at all? Need to put a fuel treatment in and it...
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    Hi Did you retro fit the rear arch extension protectors to your b8 s4? Mark

    Hi Did you retro fit the rear arch extension protectors to your b8 s4? Mark
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    Battery Replacement with Bang & Olufsen Sub in way

    Hi Has anyone replaced the battery in an Avant with B&O sub. How do I remove it to change the battery? Thanks in advance
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    Can someone please check this part number under bonnet

    Hi Please can someone check under the bonnet for the part number printed on this information sticker.... Dealer gave me wrong one and I ordered it was the fan warning it's the second smaller I need after repalcment grill and cover (circled) Appreciated Mark.
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    DRL behaviour question on B8 with bi Xenon and auto

    Hi Can someone else test this for me. Is it normal for the delay to turn off and not dim when indicating with lights off or in auto position when the side lights or dipped arnt on? I thought they would simply dim but the go off. They dim when side or dipped are on...??? Thanks Mark
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    Front bumper to front wing alignment

    Hi One side of my car has a 4mm gap where the front bumper meets the front wing. Only on one side. Anyone know how to adjust it without removing the complete bumper? Thanks
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    Facelift climate control unit

    Hi Anyone with the dual zone climate in a facelift (white display not red) how does it work with one fan selector button instead of the two on the old unit. How do you select passenger or driver individual settings for the fan selectors on the old one it has one each side for passenger and...
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    Panoramic Sunroof rear drain holes?

    I think it may be the front passenger one to be honest. hence front passenger footwell wet; water tricking down a pillar from roof lining. had a peak inside room lining and it was wet in front of connections from the rain. I hear the pipes can still be on but also leak at the connector. Bad...
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    Panoramic Sunroof rear drain holes?

    Thanks mate. Yes Avant. Can they be cleared tested from the cassette? As in I ran strimmer wire down the front how do I do this to the rears?
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    Panoramic Sunroof rear drain holes?

    Guys checked the front two with strimmer wire and cleaned through with a seringe. Can I hell find the rear ones? Where and how please. Need to check they arnt blocked as passenger footwell is getting wet when it rains. Front two seem ok but flow on the passenger side seems to be less so it...
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    Sunroof owners help

    Deffo! Sometimes we just expect lights in everything with an interior light pack
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    Gloss black trim around MMI buttons ? Removal? Repalcment? Help

    Hi Mines as most very marked as the gloss trim really does suffer. Anyone managed to remove it to sort? It's the trim that surrounds the buttons and centre knob. Any idea of the removal would be great? Cheers
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    Sunroof owners help

    Thanks everyone. Final sunroof Q I promise. What's the crack with the panoramic feature. Mine seems to open back a bit at a time but if I want to close it I have to have it go all the way back then it will close. The manual doesn't mention much only about resistance? Seems a bit of a weird...
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    Sunroof owners help

    Guys On your sunroof turn switch for panoramic. Does the bit in the knob that indicates the position on the knob light up? Seems weird it doesn't is yours the same. See pic I have indicated the but with the light on. Mark.
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    OEM Audi 9J 20" ET37 - What Size Tyres? 255 or 265 30 20?

    Charlie did you get any tyres on?