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  1. vw754

    Washer jets s3 8v

    Has anyone upgraded the windscreen washer jets to the fan type? Sick of trying set these ones up... Spraying all over the place lol
  2. vw754

    Brake fluid change

    I have a brake pressure bleeder, can I bleed brakes with that or do I need vcds too?
  3. vw754

    Cv boot rubber creaking

    When parking my car slowly turning the wheel, I can hear what can be described as the tyre rubbing against something like a rubber.... Anyway took it to the garage and used the ramp and lifted the car up, turning the wheel by hand (driver side front) (right hand drive car) could not spot...
  4. vw754

    What size spacers ?

    Will 10mm front and 12mm on rear look OK on s3 saloon with factory 19 's?
  5. vw754

    Wheel spacers size on s3

    I have 19" factory wheels and I'm thinking 8mm front and 13-15mm spacers on the rear. Any pics and what make of spacers have you guys used? Cars a cabriolet. Don't want too aggressive.
  6. vw754

    Help Windows /locks not working

    REAR windows will not go up or down. REAR door locks not working Front ones work as normal..... Any ideas? 2010 audi a5 sport back
  7. vw754

    What size spacers are you using on saloon or cab?

    Who has factory 19" wheels and using wheel spacers, without lowering the car? Saloon/cabriolet. What size spacers and what make please.
  8. vw754

    Mag ride calibration

    I have s3 (8v) cabriolet, I have read that having the mag ride calibration, makes a lot of difference and well worth doing, even if car is standard. The reason for this is that it was probably calibrated when new, but a few years later the standard springs would settle a bit more, so would be...
  9. vw754

    Res delete?

    Thinking of res delete on my s3 cab 2015......anyone done it.....any pros/cons.....and any particular one to buy,lots on ebay starting at £60 upwards....? Also does it drone slot?don't want it do my nut in.
  10. vw754

    Anyone use liquid moly?

    I have a s3 2015 with 32k I was thinking of keeping the valves clean of carbon build up, has anyone used liquid moly valve cleaner, the one that you add to the fuel tank.....or even the fuel cleaner?
  11. vw754

    Cayc not starting!!

    Changedfuel filter, and now not starting, fault on snap on machine is low fuel pressure, ive loosen the bolts on the injectors, only a trickle of fuel nothing much.... Any ideas please?
  12. vw754

    Engine not starting cayc

    Changed fuel filter, and now not starting, fault on snap on machine is low fuel pressure, ive loosen the bolts on the injectors, only a trickle of fuel nothing much.... Any ideas please?
  13. vw754

    A3 bose to after market pioneer

    My sons trying to fit thisPIONEER SPA DA 120 to his audi a3 8p 2012 and its fitted currently with a concert cd unit with bose...... Tried few different connectors but they are useless... Any help please.
  14. vw754

    Anyone done this mod?

    The red lights on the dash /instrument cluster?
  15. vw754

    Is this mod possible?

    Can i get this mod on my audi s3 8v? Its on the instrument cluster, as seen in this video below..... The red led lights.
  16. vw754

    S3 wheel torque

    I have read on the Internet that my 2015 s3 wheel torque should be 140 nm but now ive read somewhere else that its 120nm.....would it make a big difference or shall i loosen slightly then torque again?
  17. vw754

    Wheel spacers on s3

    Anyone on standard 19" audi s3 8v wheels with spacers?....... If so what size have you fitted front and rear and are these any good? Any pics appreciated.
  18. vw754

    S3 cabriolet

    Any pics with wheel spacers on s3 saloon or cabriolet. I have spacers off my audi a5 that i want fit my S3.... Im thinking of buying aluminium spigot rings, as the centre bore of A5 was 66.1...... Are they safe to use on s3? (the spigot rings) I have 15mm and 20mm spacers
  19. vw754

    Agm battery charger

    I wanted to charge my agm battery, i have a "ring rcb 212 battery charger" which ring have said, its ok to use now and again 2-3 times a year. I've been looking at a charger for a agm battery and seen a few on ebay..... Anyone used one? Here is one ive seen, didn't really want spend alot, is...
  20. vw754

    Battery voltage help

    Anyone know if these readings are any good, battery been fully charged around 2 weeks ago and ive driven car today after about 4 days of been parked up.