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  1. CMD

    South Wales Meet

    A lot of members there you should all try to meet before Christmas.
  2. CMD


    Are there any member's running there 1.8Ts without the catalytic converter. I now it will show up on the MOT but I'm thinking removing my 200 cell sports cat for a straight through pipe .
  3. CMD

    Gti Inters

    How many B6 members are going to Gti Inters this
  4. CMD

    PRD V Phat *** Fiesta

    We were asked to get a Fiesta (Panther Black Matalic) ready for up coming shows. Products Used AF Citrus VP SF combo CP TX CYC Poly Clay (fine) CP IX G101 Menz PO203s Menz PO106FA Menz PO85RD LC Pad CCS PB BH DDJ BV Pro AF MR Wax FK 108s 303 ASP Car on arrival Body Shop...
  5. CMD

    Rear bumperv alloy trim

    Is there a guide or has anyone removed the alloy trim from the saloon bumper, is it a back bumper off job.
  6. CMD

    Brake lights

    I have noticed that my brake lights sometimes stay on after I've stopped braking say at a junction . I have to double pump the pedal . I noticed it over the weekend when a friend pointed it out whilst following me
  7. CMD

    In need

    Evening. I'm having no luck with body shops so Im thinking of travelling far and wide to find a body shop /painter who can delivery on there promise and do a good job on painting my A4 lowers and maybe the front bumper so anyone suggestions on Good painters who will take there time and do the...
  8. CMD

    Part number please

    Evening Could someone give the part number for the alloy trim that sit on top of the rear bumper on the A4 Saloon . Thanks
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    Some people do care Mini Gol GV Beto Carrero.wmv - YouTube
  10. CMD

    FIAT 127 on 22's

    Styler Customs - FIAT 147 de 22'' - YouTube
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    Can anyone give me provide some help or a web link to what cables /adaptor i will need to convert to a RNS-E part number of the system is 8E0 035 192 T Audi Navigation Plus. Thanks
  12. CMD

    Everyones Selling Up

    I'm SAD to read that alot of members are selling there Pride and Joy's . I Just Want To Wish You All The Best Of Luck For The Future And Happy Safe Motoring.
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    Javelin fail
  14. CMD

    AITP 2012

    Lad's Calvin has Announced the date for AITP (Audi In The Park) 2012 Bigger and Better. AUDI IN THE PARK AUGUST SUNDAY 12th 2012
  15. CMD

    What Some Fools Do

    I got sent this clip from a customer. I must stress first This is what I/We Don't Do. 10 Minute Expert Engine Detail, Perfect Results Every Time! - YouTube
  16. CMD

    MK4 Gti Engine Bay Detail

    As many of us know having nice clean paintwork does not come easy.. Most weekends during the summer months most of us would rather spend the weekend cleaning,polishing our pride and joys so they look there absolute best even if it's only for a few day's or until it rain's. The lad's at PRD take...
  17. CMD

    Storing the A4 For The Winter

    I may be storing the A4 for the winter months.. Do and Don't please.. The reason for storing the car is . We have just bought this . Gti 1.8T Black Pearl
  18. CMD

    Winter Prep

    Summer has gone and winter is only few months away. Preping the car for winter. What I will be doing over the few months. Winter Service. Remove Wax layers and apply Gtec sealant (sealents will last longer) Remove summer wheel's and Tyre's Run Winter wheel's(cleaned and sealed ready) Apply...
  19. CMD

    Rims just back

    Picked up my winter rims 19x 8s from the powder coaters today.. They are now here
  20. CMD

    Monster Trucks

    Monster Truck Vs Monster Truck