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    1.8TFSI Rough Running When Cold

    Any hope this was a figment of my imagination evaporated yesterday evening when I ended up pulling away in a very learner-esque kangaroo fashion as a result. Looks like the car will be in the garage next week to investigate, but has anyone else had this problem?
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    Anyone running a saloon with a baby?

    Have an addition due to the family later this year which means the 3 door A3 will need to go. I’m a bit stuck as to what to replace it with. A small SUV (Q3, Tiguan, XC40 etc.) would no doubt hurt less getting the child in and out, but would hurt more from the driving seat due to the poor...
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    Changing Battery

    My car is now five years old, and still has the original battery. I'm not convinced this will make it through another winter, and hence have started looking for replacements. I have always changed my own car batteries in the past, but I see some places are suggesting some kind of diagnostic...
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    Damage to Sat Nav Aerial

    My local fox has decided to up the ante from scratching my paintwork to chewing my sat nav aerial. It's still working, but looks pretty awful. Looking on the parts database link from this forum it unfortunately seems to be an all in one unit rather than having a cover. Has anyone had to replace...
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    Audi "VIP Event"

    I know this isn't A3 specific, but seeing as this is one of the more active forums I thought I'd post it in here anyway. I recently received an invite through the post from my local franchised dealer for a "VIP Event" promising enhanced discounts on both new and used cars. Has anyone been to one...
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    Foxy Problems...

    This will be one of the more unusual questions asked on here... Our neighbourhood foxes seem to have become very active over the past couple of weeks. Got back from a 75 mile mostly high speed journey at about 2200 last night, meaning obviously the car would have been very hot. Discovered today...
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    Scuffed Leather Steering Wheel

    I managed to make quite a bad scuff on my steering wheel whilst vacuuming the driver's seat; it's at the bottom so could be worse but still not ideal. Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce the visibility of it, other than a new wheel of course!
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    Dust & Pollen Filter

    Does anyone know where this is on the 8V? I'm assuming front passenger footwell (on RHD cars), but having had a quick look I'm unsure.
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    Noisy Front Suspension

    My car has started to make a slight graunching noise when going over speed bumps; it appears to be coming from the front suspension. It seems worse when the car is cold which initially seemed a bit strange, but on reflection I guess the front suspension picks up heat from the engine and brakes...
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    September 14 Collections

    So it's that time of year again...who is picking up what on / around September 1st?
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    Attempted Wheel Theft

    Got back from a week's holiday last night (having left the car parked in the gated car park at the flats where I live) to discover one of the wheel nut covers had been levered off. It was left behind on the ground so I assume the original intention of whoever did it was to steal the wheels. I...
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    Harsh Sound from SD Card

    I have an SD card in the car with a selection of music on it. All the files are WAV in 44.1kHZ 16 bit stereo. They were converted to this from Apple ALAC lossless using iTunes. Before that they were ripped from CD (by me) or downloaded from Qobuz (a lossless audio download site). The SD card is...
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    Tyre Pressure Monitor Accuracy

    I have the tyre pressure monitor on the car. A few weeks ago I blew the tyres up to the higher of the two pressures on the door sticker (42psi in my case), and reset the monitor on the MMI. I've not used the car a huge amount since then for various reasons, nor have I checked the pressures...
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    Tax Disc & V5

    I believe I'm right in saying that today is the first new plate day since the tax disc system changed, so instead of the dealer issuing the first disc it's sent out in the post from the DVLA, and you can drive without one for the first two weeks. Personally I signed and returned the DVLA...
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    Paint Protection for New A3

    I'm taking delivery of a new A3 in Daytona Grey in a couple of weeks time, and have been wondering about some form of paint protection. About the only decision I've made so far is not to take the dealer up on their overpriced Lifeshine offer. I was considering a Gtechniq treatment, however have...