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  1. S3_Mitch

    Wanted RS3 8V FACELIFT

    Hi I'm looking to buy an 8V RS3 17/18 plate. Let me know if you're selling. Preferably after one in Nardo but will consider other colours especially on a saloon.
  2. S3_Mitch


    Hi all Looking to buy a pre-facelift RS3, must be Nardo grey with black styling pack. Must have: Panoramic Sunroof SS seats with contrast stitching Tech Pack Dynamic pack Comfort & Sound pack Roof rails (not a deal breaker) RS styling, heated seats etc. are preferred... Preferably sub 40k...
  3. S3_Mitch

    Sold Audi S4 Avant, B8 2009, Highly cherished example, MRC Stg 2, £10k spent

    The time has come to sell my pride and joy... One of a kind Audi S4 Avant in stunning Sprint Blue pearl effect, this is a truly great example of a B8 S4. In the two and a half years I have owned this car I have spent a little under £10k on upgrades in an effort to make this car the best it can...
  4. S3_Mitch

    S-tronic Gearbox Service - The Definitive Answer

    Hi All, As per the title, I would like to create a thread containing all the information needed to make sense of the servicing requirements for the B8's S-tronic gearbox. Many threads exist on the matter which I have spent the last few days reading, unfortunately this has lead to confusion due...
  5. S3_Mitch

    Strange results from MRC Stage 2 and Gearbox Map

    Hi All, I had my 2009 s4 avant MRC'd on Friday, as far as I can tell there were no issues with the mapping and the car made 473ps so relatively healthy.. The issue comes with the way the gearbox now behaves. At a high rpm gear change pre-mapping the exhaust would make a noticeable 'farting'...
  6. S3_Mitch

    V Spoke rs4 reps (20 x 8.5j) Tyre size options?

    Hi all, I bought my S4 back in December and it has the 20 x 8.5j rs4 replica alloys fitted.. The p zero's that are on it are down to about 3mm and the grip is shocking especially in the wet. Been searching for a while but can't find a definitive answer as to correct tyre size. The current...
  7. S3_Mitch

    Urgent help PLEASE!

    Hi all, I have been working on my s3 all summer (hybrid) and its due to be mapped at Bills this Friday. I have been away for the last week and the cars been sat, when I first drove it again I noticed that it was difficult getting into reverse/first and this got progressively worse over the...
  8. S3_Mitch

    What an absolute idiot! Help :(

    What the **** have I just done :( in an attempt to secure my wmi pump to the boot floor I have just drilled into the top of my fuel tank! Right when I'm supposed to be running my car in with limited time before mapping I do this? What do I do? Help please..
  9. S3_Mitch

    Gearbox mount bolts HELP

    Hi all, Does anyone know the part numbers for the three bolts connecting the gearbox mount bracket to the gearbox? (One of the bolts has a smaller stud and nut at the top) Should these bolts be replaced after removal, when I did the clutch I removed these and re-torqued according to info I...
  10. S3_Mitch

    Rear lights issue

    Hi all, I was driving along the motorway yesterday (2000 a4 SE 1.9tdi) and heard a loud bang.. The tow light plug was dragging along the ground and had been swinging up and hitting the car. As a result the rear drivers side light cluster has stopped working (all lights brake, indicator etc.)...
  11. S3_Mitch

    gsf cambelt kit

    Hi all, I've bought the more expensive cambelt from gsf it says 'reveille?' on it. I bought it due to the discount available last weekend and that it comes with the damper.. any know about this kit? Thanks.
  12. S3_Mitch

    Cylinder Honing

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a honing tool for honing the block in situ, I am struggling to find a UK seller for the Flexhone type and the 'three prong' stone type range in price greatly.. Advice would be appreciated as always, thanks.
  13. S3_Mitch

    Valve stuck in guide

    Hi all, Managed to remove all my valves from the cylinder head.. One of the intake valves was stuck at the top of the guide, I managed to tap the valve out but I dented the top of the guide a bit and the valve took a layer off the id of the guide? I plan to get this guide replaced but the valve...
  14. S3_Mitch

    Ebay engine parts

    Hi all, Has anyone got any experience with the Ebay seller kidzo? I'm in the middle of my head build (BAM) for a hybrid K04, they sell supertech valves etc. and Bill seems to be out of stock going by his website. All the feedback is...
  15. S3_Mitch

    Valve Removal?

    Hi all, What is the easiest way to remove/install valves in the cylinder head? had a go with a socket and a magnet but only managed to remove one clip.. Can someone recommend the correct tool if possible? I was supposed to have this done today ready for machining, ended up bouncing my hand off...
  16. S3_Mitch

    Cylinder Head Stuck?

    Hi all, I have all but removed my cylinder head today (BAM 225) but when I try lifting/wiggling it off, the corner next to the turbo is stuck under a bracket. It apears to be an exhaust manifold bolt that is stuck, the bracket looks like its held on by an allen bolt but I cant get to it...
  17. S3_Mitch

    How to build an engine?

    Hi all, I have a newly christened stage 2 s3 (265bhp, 265ftlb badger torques), it is burning oil suspected valve stem seals and is running the original turbo (130k) which is working flat out to produce 20psi. I graduate this summer and I plan to rebuild the engine, the head clearly needs work...
  18. S3_Mitch

    Engine mounts

    Hi all, So looks like i'll be getting a 3" downpipe fitted soon, exactly what enigine mounts do I need and whats the cheapest option? Cheers.
  19. S3_Mitch

    North East members, I could use your help.. Again.

    Hi all, There must have been some members in the north east who have had a 3" downpipe fitted to thier s3? Before I start ringing around.. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a garage? I really would like to use a garage/mechanic who has fitted one before.. Failing that anyone know any...
  20. S3_Mitch

    Good/cheap Downpipe

    Hi all, I plan on going stage 2 in the near future, as far as I know all I require is a 3" downpipe and FMIC before mapping. Just wondering what downpipe I can get away with and the best place to source it? I look at xs power but I think I could only get it from abroad.. not inspired by the...