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  1. Mr_Freeze

    Looking to sell my S1

    I’m looking to sell my 2018 S1 but it seems the sale thread is locked. is there a way I can place an advert?
  2. Mr_Freeze

    Resonator delete pipe.

    Hi Everyone, Has anybody fitted a resonator delete pipe on their car? If so where did you get it, what kind of results did you get? I’ve searched the old interweb and they don’t seem to be as common as delete pipes for the RS3 which I did to my old car.
  3. Mr_Freeze

    Chrome to Carbon rings

    What do you think, better or worse?
  4. Mr_Freeze

    Exhaust with black tips

    Hi Everyone, Firstly are the exhaust tips removable on a standard exhaust? Secondly has anyone seen Black tips for the stock exhaust. The chrome just doesn’t work withe the Vegas yellow and black look. If they are removable has anyone tried spraying them or powder coating?
  5. Mr_Freeze

    Is there an idiots guide to posting pictures?

    As per the title, what’s the best way to get a picture posted that doesn’t have a watermark through it?
  6. Mr_Freeze

    Retro fit reversing camera.

    As per the title has anyone retro fitted a reversing camera and had it connected to the MMI? Any kits available or anywhere to recommend? MY2018
  7. Mr_Freeze

    New S1 replacing RS3

    Hi Guys, I’ve dropped from a 2012 RS3 to a 2018 S1. This is Day 1 and I’ve only driven it from the stealers to home, but I already feel I can have fun with this. Yes it doesn’t have the power of the 3 but I’d liken it to driving a really fast go cart already. Anyway as a new owner, any pointers...
  8. Mr_Freeze

    Bodywork questions

    1. Does anyone know how the end caps are attached on the rear spoiler or how to remove them? 2. Does the small thin bar, lowest of the front spoiler in the middle detach from the rest of the front spoiler. This looks to have free edges on all sides so I wondered if its bolted on from the back?
  9. Mr_Freeze

    8P cargo net help.

    Hi everyone, Trying to to figure out what is the correct part number for the Cargo net for my RS3 2012. I assume they have the same fittings for A3/S3/RS3, on mine they are like thin plates with a slotted hole, see pic. I bought 2 x different ones off eBay as I wanted one for mine and one for...
  10. Mr_Freeze

    Removing the wing mirrors

    Hi all, if anyone has experience on how to strip down the wing mirror could they please share their experience with me. I'm planning to change out the covers only, so no information on removing anything else is needed. Please pm the info so that any scroates who may drop in don't get any...
  11. Mr_Freeze

    Scorpion non-res cat back syste.

    I know I'm old enough to know better, but i couldn't resist adding a non-resonated half system to the already Scorpion bypass pipes. The result is a Cat back system that makes lightning sound like a baby Lambo.
  12. Mr_Freeze

    Accessory live that I can use for a camera.

    Hi guys, can anyone let me know if there is an accessory live (controlled by key) output that I can use to power a camera that won't cause any of the on board monitoring to be upset. I'm intending to connect it at or near the fuse box. Vehicle is a 2013 Q3. Many thanks for any help offered.
  13. Mr_Freeze

    Video input to RNS E

    Any tech savy peeps out there know if you can input video into the RNS E? if so is anything extra needed?
  14. Mr_Freeze

    Lightning had her first service.

    So I took lightning in for her 1st service Monday. They informed me I needed two updates for her. The Haldex update and the drivers side front inner arch. Not had time yet to assess any noticeable changes.
  15. Mr_Freeze

    Summer tyre switchover

    Have you all made the switch back to Summer Rubber?
  16. Mr_Freeze

    Is the other forum poorly?

    Just checked out the other forum..... You know who and there is a strange message been displayed. Anyone know what's occurring? SORRY, DUE TO A BACKUP ERROR THIS FORUM WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR A SHORT WHILE ALSO SOME DATA LOSS HAS OCCURRED PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APOLOGIES BUT WE ARE WORKING TO...
  17. Mr_Freeze

    Cleaning my Spiders

    Ita Saturday afternoon and the sun's shinning, so i thought its time to give the Spiders a little TLC. Such engineering as this should never be allowed to deteriorate away. First, a little application of Autosol:- Then a little elbow grease:- Beauty such as this should never be hidden...
  18. Mr_Freeze

    Garage floor

    Has anybody got any feedback or info to share on how to paint/tile a garage floor? I'm not sure which way to go or what is best. Any recommendations or bad ideas?
  19. Mr_Freeze

    Something to make you smile.

  20. Mr_Freeze

    Winter Tyres and Rims for the wifes Q3

    Lightnings not going to get winter boots this year, as i don't intend using her that much. I have finally got round to fitting rims and tyres on the wifes Q3 to make sure she's safe and sound. From this:- To this:- Wolfrace Rims with 235/55/17 HR Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme. Chose...