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    1.8TFSI Rough Running When Cold

    Any hope this was a figment of my imagination evaporated yesterday evening when I ended up pulling away in a very learner-esque kangaroo fashion as a result. Looks like the car will be in the garage next week to investigate, but has anyone else had this problem?
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    First time back at dealers

    I have ruled out the Mk. 8 Golf. I don't particularly like it, and the cost cutting is ridiculous. If I go down the hatch route I think it will be an A Class or a 1 Series, although not test driven either yet due to lockdown. Thanks for the A5 Sportback suggestion, this seems to be a popular...
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    First time back at dealers

    Those who read the A4 forum will know that I need to swap my 3 door 8V (which I’ve owned from new in 2013, and have generally been very happy with) for something a little more family friendly over the next few months. Still pondering the 5 door hatch / saloon / SUV question, but with all these...
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Anyone else feel these wait times are excessive for a fairly mainstream car?
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    New car's expected mileage and "delivery mode" question

    Several years ago now, but from memory my car had between 20 and 30 miles on the clock when I picked it up. My gut feel was the dealer had allowed someone to use it for a test drive, particularly as they had stored it for a few weeks (it arrived earlier than expected from the factory and I...
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    Anyone else underwhelmed by the B&O system?

    I’m still on an 8V (at least for now), but sound systems like this generally need “running in.” If the car is brand new you will probably find it improves with time.
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    Thoughts on S4 B9 Petrol Replacements?

    Had a C on hire a couple of years ago and actually really rather liked it. I agree the iPad superglued to the dash interiors weren’t the best, but the newer models don’t have those.
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    Thoughts on S4 B9 Petrol Replacements?

    There is a new C Class due out this year I believe? On the 3 series, although I am yet to test drive one I have seen the odd mention in reviews of the pedals being offset in RHD versions. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is true as BMW have history in this respect...
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    Anyone running a saloon with a baby?

    Thanks, some really useful comments here. I was concerned lifting the child in/out of the baby seat and fastening/unfastening the straps might be awkward, but it seems not. Hadn’t considered an A5 sportback but agree the bigger boot opening might be useful so will add this to the list.
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    Anyone running a saloon with a baby?

    Have an addition due to the family later this year which means the 3 door A3 will need to go. I’m a bit stuck as to what to replace it with. A small SUV (Q3, Tiguan, XC40 etc.) would no doubt hurt less getting the child in and out, but would hurt more from the driving seat due to the poor...
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    Accident damage

    Don’t think Sat Nav was standard anywhere when the 8V was launched unless you had Tech Pack. I have an S-line (without Tech Pack) and had to pay to add Sat Nav after I bought it. I don’t use it anymore though, Waze is much better.
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    '16 S3 - Battery issue ideas

    Got mine replaced and coded by a local independent garage. As many have said, hate to think what Audi dealers would charge to do it!
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    Changing Battery

    Thanks, I'm familiar with finding the size and capacity. It was purely the question around the diagnostics I was unsure of, and it looks like it's true. I will see how much Audi and a VAG specialist want for a new batter. The former might be good for a laugh if nothing else!
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    Changing Battery

    My car is now five years old, and still has the original battery. I'm not convinced this will make it through another winter, and hence have started looking for replacements. I have always changed my own car batteries in the past, but I see some places are suggesting some kind of diagnostic...
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    Fuel flap lock replacement?

    I hope not. I took the car to my local dealer for the service and repair (whom I've had problems with on the service side before, albeit years ago), as my preferred dealer who are actually further away was booked up for several weeks. Looking at the bill the parts they've replaced are "Insert...
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    Fuel flap lock replacement?

    Had mine replaced at vast expense this week as it kept jamming. Was told a new motor was needed, but that looks to include the whole hinge mechanism.
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    Fuel flap not opening

    I'm having the same issue intermittently. Pondering whether to try and fix it or just get the dealer to look at during the next service, which isn't far away.
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    16" wheels and winter tyres fitted

    I had similar rubbish a few years ago on a previous car, IIRC the insurance company was part of the Admiral Group. Had bought the car second hand and hence only realised it had hill hold assist later on. When I told them they tried to increase my premium on the grounds it was a modification. I...
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    Aircon service/ it's not cold

    I had something not dissimilar recently. The car was being serviced so I asked them to do an AC service as well, as it was two years since the last one. AC was working although possibly a bit low on gas. Got a call from the dealer asking if the AC had been operational, as it was apparently dead...
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    Air conditioning - Dealer playing games or not?

    By all accounts the Lexus dealership experience is very good; unfortunately the cars don't really appeal to me.