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    Garrett Turbocharger 724930-5012S Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDI

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the most sort of power you can get out of the Garrett Turbocharger 724930-5012S. The one on the Audi A3 8P1 2.0TDI 140bhp. Anyone have any experience tuning these. thanks.
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    Audi A3 8P pre facelift front splitter/where can i find one

    I have seen a car the same as mine for sale but with a front splitter that doesn’t come standard. I’ve googled it and found a few cool different ones but I really like the look of this one just wanted to know if anyone know where I can get one?
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    how to change from double frame a3 grill/bumper to honeycomb rs3 bumper

    is there as way i can change the double frame grill on my 2004 audi a3 8p to an audi rs3 honeycomb grill even if this means changing the bonnet and bumper etc. or going to a single frame first, thanks.
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    I have an audi a3 2004 8p change the radio to an audi navigation sytem

    I have an audi a3 2004 8p and i want to change the standard radio for an audi navigation system, how would i do this and which ones would fit the car. any system is fine i just want one with a larger screen but has to be audi.