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  1. MA3RC

    New model?

    Hi guys, I’ve been away from the audi scene for just over 2 years but I’m starting to get the itch and want to come back . I car wowed an A3 S-Line, however the dealer came back saying production as ceased for a new model. Does anyone know if this is a complete new model or another facelift...
  2. MA3RC

    Yellow daytime running lights

    The DRL's are a H15 fitment, the market isn't really that great for bright H15's... When I had my A3 I tried a handful of them who guaranteed a bright white crisp light, but to be honest, they were shocking, to the point that you'd flash someone out of a junction and they couldn't even recognise...
  3. MA3RC

    Window surrounds wrapping

    Have any of you thought of plastidip? It's a peelable spray paint. Works wonders. You'd also be surprised how easy it is to wrap them. You can get rolls of the stuff on eBay relatively cheaply and a bit of trial and error and you've got a black pack :)
  4. MA3RC

    Facelift Sound improvement without affecting warranty possible?

    To be honest it doesn't make much difference when coming to trade in time. The dealer didn't even look at my car!! It still had lowering springs and tinted front windows... went straight onto the forecourt exactly as I gave it to them
  5. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    I was tempted with white, but so far I've had red, silver, white, blue, red... wanted something different to my usual. Plus I'm well into detailing so it'll be a good test of my skills and patience :p Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    Pedals now sold!
  7. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    I've heard about that, but you can get OBD port locks or something?
  8. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    Just to put the record straight it wasn't for financial reasons :p I've just got a new job and earning a lot more than I've ever earned. So I want to enjoy it as a pose to pumping it into the likes of an S3 say Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    Thanks a lot :) in all fairness I couldn't give a monkeys [emoji205] about people thinking it's a downgrade. I bought the car because I liked it. Simple as that really :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    Thanks! It's what I wanted from a car in terms or gadgets and packing a punch. Costs less than my A3. Win win in my eyes. The pedals are still on the car at the minute. I'm going to get them off tomorrow so I'll upload some pics for you then :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    Thanks [emoji1360]. Yeah I'd definitely own another Audi in the future, but for the moment I'm over the moon to be driving an ST. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. MA3RC

    I'm Leaving...

    So after 3 1/2 years of ownership I've decided to part ways with my A3 and Audi. It's served me incredibly well and I've liked the car a lot. I've decided on a new Fiesta ST3, fully loaded with all the gadgets - keyless entry + start, parking sensors, cruise, satnav, auto climate, auto fold...
  13. MA3RC

    Change SE suspension to Sports or S-Line?

    If you're interested I have Sport model springs in my garage that I'd be willing to sell. I swapped them out for Eibach springs instead. The Sport springs covered approx 7,000 miles
  14. MA3RC

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  15. MA3RC

    Best tyre for A3 Sportback 1.4 Cod s-line 2017

    Goodyear Eagle F1's, they stick like glue and have a nice amount of rim protection built in
  16. MA3RC

    "Least worst" option for leather smell?

    Dr Leather Wipes, these things are great!
  17. MA3RC

    Chrome window surround retrofit.

    How about wrap in chrome? ;)
  18. MA3RC


    What usually works for me is spraying my windscreen washer jets, obviously when you're at speed they whisp over the windscreen and land on theirs, wait until they've cleared it and simply repeat the process :haudrauf:. You can see them getting more and more agitated each time, they then usually...
  19. MA3RC

    Facelift Disable windows being opened by keyfob

    Im not sure of the exact place without being at my car, but if you press the menu button, select car, then System/settings within there, usually the bottom right nav button then it's in there under convenience I think
  20. MA3RC

    Wrapping the alloys...?

    Come to think of it I had my windows tinted in Cardiff Tints many moons ago. Josh was the guy, knows his stuff and it was a really good price! So give it a go :)