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  1. Dr. Dave

    Q3 RSQ3 boot question

    Yes it is, thank you.
  2. Dr. Dave

    Q3 RSQ3 boot question

    Might be taller, but the original point remains
  3. Dr. Dave

    Q3 RSQ3 boot question

    Yes the boot is SMALLER. 2 Samsonite hard cases fitted in the S3 Sportback boot with room for hand luggage & coats. Same 2 cases in the RSQ3 boot DON'T fit. Admittedly, I have the electric boot closure & it bumps back, but it still won't close even if I try to do it manually.
  4. Dr. Dave

    Q3 RSQ3 boot question

    Hi all. I've progressed from an S3 Sportback to an RSQ3. Did a trial pack with the cases for going on holiday & surprised to find I can't get 2 cases in the boot (I could in the S3). Question is this: Is there anything wrong with taking out the subwoofer & the polystyrene tray surrounding it to...
  5. Dr. Dave

    Wifes new car

    Why not just move the money in your bank to your current account and use your maestro/switch card? Instant. Cheers, Dave
  6. Dr. Dave

    It's time to take preventative action against thieving scumbags

    Don't know about erasing, but can certainly say that the marks last more than a year. I marked a camcorder 12 years ago & it's still clearly visible. Cheers, Dave (Have just realised I should get a new camcorder!)
  7. Dr. Dave

    Audi Approved transfer

    Might be a stupid question so be gentle!! If I find a car I like the look of on the Audi Approved website, can my nearest Audi showroom organise a transfer between garages or do I just have to get my **** all the way to the garage where the car actually is at? Just don't have an awful lot...
  8. Dr. Dave

    Ipod connection problem

    No joy. Still refusing to recognise either of my 30gb classics. Still ok with kid's nano. Suppose it must be a damaged plug in the glovebox. Will get it looked at at service in January. cheers, Dave
  9. Dr. Dave

    Ipod connection problem

    Connected ipod 30gb to PC to add some recently bought CD's. ipod auto-updated with latest software. Now my ipod connection in the glovebox won't recognise it. "bong" no CD, it says. Screen on the ipod shows a tick and "ready to disconnect" Tried connecting my daughter's nano & it recognises that...
  10. Dr. Dave

    A1 section?

    What about a section for news, rumours, pics, info etc on the A1? Have I missed bits around the site already? Can't search for "A1"? Cheers, Dave
  11. Dr. Dave

    S3 Poll

    Another Sprint Blue one here! Just got her Sat 16th. Photos to come if it stops raining long enough at the weekend to wash it. Cheers, Dave
  12. Dr. Dave

    Tyre valve caps stuck on??

    Just a thought!! Cheers, Dave:icon_thumright:
  13. Dr. Dave

    Oh No Drivers Door dented

    Another vote for dentsaway. The Northern Ireland guy fixed a dent in my CTR door before I trade it in for an S3 next month. As long as the paint isn't broken and the dent isn't too big, it will be back good as new for not too much ££'s. Cheers, Dave.
  14. Dr. Dave

    ipod tracklists

    Thanks guys, Dave
  15. Dr. Dave

    ipod tracklists

    Hi gang I'm just about to trade in my 07 CTR for an S3. The Honda's ipod connection is very similar to the S3 but the playlists have to be specifically titled Honda1 through to Honda7. According to the instructions, this is case and space sensitive. Please can any of you advise what the S3...
  16. Dr. Dave


    Another yin here from Ballymena hey!! Look out for a sprint blue S3 come middle of February (or so Agnews tell me!). Cheers, Dave.