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    M42 Birmingham Speed cameras

    I was up in Birmingham at one of our branches yesterday and late for a scheduled network switch over which was being done via telephone conference between BT Global,our European headquarters in Nuremberg and myself... as i was running late through no fault of my own i was going slightly over the...
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    Top Gear Reminder!

    Reminder 8pm launch!
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    Sorry a little late
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    Tomtom go 700

    Hey guys any of you have the latest updates for the speed cameras and POI. Cheers
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    Funny drifting vid

    Listen to the passenger he's hilarious! Clicky
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    Avon ZZ3

    Just had the car serviced yesterday and as i only got my alloys in August IIRC i asked for them to switch them from back to front and vice a versa. To my disgust my mechanic told me that my front tyres are in a bad way! he said they are very badly worn and also i have a gash or crease on the...
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    TOCA Race Driver 3 XBOX

    Pretty good game anyone else on here play it?
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    ABS amber light has appeared on my dash. Also i usually have the ESP off but now i cant turn it on at all which don't bother me. Both lights stay on constantly? Any ideas? Brakes still work fine....will i just have problems under heavy braking in the wet? Please help Thanks guys
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    Letter from Audi

    Hi just thought i'd share this out of curiousity. I received a letter from my local Audi garage yesterday. It said inside "GOOD NEWS....!" in big black print. also about them wanting to contact me regarding good news about my existing vehicle. Then at bottom of the letter it says "THIS IS NOT A...
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    Just got pulled by police.

    Hi guys i have just been caught speeding on the A40 doing 50.64 mph on a 40mph just before it goes to 50mph. The patrol car pulled me in and have issued a fixed £60 penalty and 3 points. The road conditions were perfect. It is a 3 lane motorway it was dry and bright (sunny) with only a few other...
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    Need 4 Speed Most Wanted

    Fantastic game on XBOX just been playing it this week and have to say that they have pulled out all the stops in this game. Also full range of latest Audis to choose from i have gone for the Golf GTI as first car though. Anyone played it? Officially i don't think its out until this Friday but...
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    Lease OR Contract hire???

    Hi guys can any of you shed some light on the matter. My brother inlaw is thinking about getting an A6 but doesn't know whether to go for lease hire or contract hire through his business!!! Which is best and what are the differences for and against each one? Thanks guys
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    Quake 4

    Anyone played this? Must say if you liked Doom3 then this is similar...same engine but works well. Not a bad game at all i'm only an hour or so into playing it but its pretty good.
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    Plasma and LCD...forget it!

    Looks like theres a new kid on the block when it comes to home entertainment via visual medium and by looking at the specs its gonna finish LCD and Plasma tv's try this link Also maybe do a search for SED technology on google to get more info...
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    Good Website

    Dunno if its been posted before but its quite good ...worth a look.
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    RS6 Alloys

    Just got my 18" RS6's fitted today with upgraded tyres to the Avon zz3's at Rochford tyres. ****** hell what a difference. Just wanted to say thanks to Mark for throwing in some locking nuts and a bit of discount too and the guys who fitted the wheels! Car looks transformed. Pics will follow
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    Journalist gets stoned (funny vid)
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    A4 Alarm

    I had the windows down on my A4 and locked the car after a while i stuck my hands in shook the car and evenually when i flicked the indicator stalk the alarm went off. To my horror it was this piddley little beeping noise coming from the boot basically the same noise that happens when you lock...
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    This is funny!
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    Courtesy Car

    Car went in for its 30000 mile service and first MOT no worries all good. They gave me the A4 Avant 2.0 Turbo FSI quattro. ****** hell that think is rapid, i was well impressed with it and the road holding in the wet was exceptional too. Must say having the old B6 2.0 A4 just doesnt even compare...