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  1. KI6RAN

    Winter wheels

    It's come to that time of year again and I will be changing over the tires to the winter ones in the next few weeks I thought about buying a second set of 19" wheels preferably genuine Audi wheels so I don't have to keep paying a tire fitter every spring and autumn to change them over. Has...
  2. KI6RAN

    Lowering springs S4

    Am wanting to slightly lower my S4 with the Eibach pro kit but has anyone else used a different brand? I see KW do height adjustable lowering springs which interests me as you can adjust them from 5-35mm lower so you can get the ride hight just perfect. Only downside is they are three times...
  3. KI6RAN

    New S4 avant Ordered

    Hey Folks, I placed my order on a new Daytona grey S4 Avant just before Christmas and it will be delivered mid March. I have added a load of optional extra's which are listed below Daytona Grey with Red leather Sports Diff Adaptive suspension Virtual cockpit Light and vision pack Comfort...
  4. KI6RAN

    Front fender rust and corrosion warranty

    Hey guys, I had my B8 Avant in at Audi last week to get the ECU sorted due to the emissions scandal and I thought I would ask them to have a look at both front fenders as I noticed a couple of month ago they have started to bubble up and rust around the arch area and it's getting worse. When I...
  5. KI6RAN

    A3 alloys on A4

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could help. I have managed to buckle two of my 18" alloys by hitting a pot hole on the road in my 2009 B8 Audi A4. I have been offered a cheap set of s-line Audi A3 alloys but am unsure about the fitment. The original wheels on my A4 are 8.0j x 18" offset ET47...