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  1. J

    Ko4 replacement

    Hi all my cousin has an a4 1.8tqs with a ko4-15 upgrade but the turbo has died (letting oil through and excessive play in all directions) just wondering on where is best to source a replacement. Cheers in advance
  2. J

    Cambelt Tensioner Is Eating The Engine Mount

    Hi all just got home and as I started reversing to park I got a large clink and a lot of grinding noise Promptly killed the engine and just pushed the car in and on closer inspection the cambelt tensioner pulley is touching where the engine mount passes it and has made a very small notch in it...
  3. J

    snapped 2 turbo to manifold bolts

    Driving home from work today and got a horrid noise from the engine bay luckily I was nearly home and managed to make it back Turns out 2 of the bolts from turbo to manifold have sheared off Not fun
  4. J

    Only registering part throttle

    I decided to do a couple of logs today as the s3 feels sluggish and only boosting around 15psi I only have Vcds lite so can't log all that much but I noticed a couple of things on a full throttle 3rd gear run (only made it to 4.5k due to running out of road) it said I was part throttle all the...
  5. J

    Just fitted boost gauge need a little clarification

    Hi all I have fitted a gauge in my s3 Need to change the fixings and tidy it a little What I have noticed is when I am in gear and put the hammer down I get 16-17 psi If I drop a gear and floor it I get a 21psi spike holding 19psi just wondering if this seems normal?
  6. J


    hi all with a little help I have managed to get the haldex working on my car for the first time since I got it Turns out there was not a drop of haldex oil in there and also had a dicky fuse so new oil and filter new precharge pump for good measure much easier to replace than I thought...
  7. J

    Haldex 01155 clutch mechanical malfunction

    Hi all as above I am getting the code for haldex clutch mechanical malfunction I have today changed the haldex oil and filter and also the precharge pump But when I got to draining the oil there was absolutely none in there I think I got 1 drop when removing the drain plug and nothing came out...
  8. J

    Can the oil light be coded out?

    Hi all I have the red oil can on the dash and the annoying beeps. I have tested everything and there is absolutely no oil pressure fault only leaving the clocks at fault as I have chased the wiring back and tried grounding it out but to no avail. I am planning on having an oil pressure gauge...
  9. J

    Lost keys 😳😳

    Hi I have lost my keys to my 1999 apy s3 I know this is going to be expensive but what is the best way to do it and how much will it cost roughly the car is unlocked outside my cousins house at the moment (real quiet area so could be worse) cheers
  10. J

    Oil light driving me nuts

    Hi all my s3 has had the red oil light on since the day after I bought it I have tried everything New pump and pickup New sender New oil and filter Oil pressure test came back ok I have tried unplugging the sender and still comes on I have tried earthing the sender and still comes on Could it...
  11. J

    Scary moment removing broken spark plug on my s3

    I decided I would change my spark plugs today so take off the coilpacks go to undo the first plug and snap I had the porcelain part with the nut in my hand and the threads still in the head Phones round a few garages and got a quote of 200quid to get it out There must be a better way? And there...
  12. J

    Boost leak?

    Hi all I have pretty much stripped and rebuilt my APY s3 this weekend gone but now I have a couple of issues I hope someone can help with Firstly when I get to 3k it starts almost kangarooing I have checked for codes and get maf reading too high Secondary air circuit solenoid short to plus I...
  13. J

    couple of engine swap questions

    Hi all as some of you may have seen i am putting an agu engine into my s3 (APY) i just have a couple of questions firstly the AGU has no aircon am i right in thinking i can just bolt the aircon compressor onto the AGU engine and use the APY aux belt secondly is sensors i am hoping i can just use...
  14. J

    Dilemma do I just change the engine

    Hi all I have been having oil pressure trouble on my APY s3 I have tried changing the oil pump and pickup have done 2 oil and filter changes and replaced the pressure switch and still get beep beep beep every time I drive it as soon as it hits 1500 rpm and have just started to get a tap coming...
  15. J

    Abs module

    Hi guys I have a 1999 s3 apy engine code and I have been having an intermittent problem with the ABS light I have scanned it with VCDS lite and I cannot get a response from the controller. I have since figured that the abs module itself is faulty. I have found a few on eBay just wondering if...
  16. J

    Agu block into an apy s3

    Hi all I have had my s3 for around a week and a half now and it's driving me nuts I can't seem to get decent oil pressure (have replaced pump pickup filter and oil) and still get the old 3 beeps of death which brings me on to my next point I currently have on my drive a mk4 golf with an agu...
  17. J

    Puzzling oil light problem

    Hi all this is my first thread here I have had my nice shiny s3 for about a week now and after 2days I had the red dripping oil can being fairly familiar with the vag 1.8t engines (last car was a mk4 golf gti) I had the sump off cleaned it up and fitted a new oil pump and pickup pipe along with...