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  1. matttrs

    1.9TDI Cranks but wont start up.

    The valve was open as it should be and working. ****** stuck for ideas now.
  2. matttrs

    1.9TDI Cranks but wont start up.

    I haven't checked that, ill have a look. I changed the relay it wasn't that. Thanks I'll have look.
  3. matttrs

    1.9TDI Cranks but wont start up.

    Hope someone can help, I was driving along normally the other night and the car died, I thought it went into limp, but then I had nothing, not turning over at all, so I pulled over to the hard shoulder and tried to start, it cranked perfectly well but no fire up So I called the RAC. They sent...
  4. matttrs

    Cambelt Cost. Are you sitting down?!

    I've had three quotes from bedfordshire Audi specialists yesterday all at about £400 which I'm guessing is pretty good. one even has a courtesy car!
  5. matttrs

    Wheels on a b6

    well heres mine final et 27 with 225/40/18s and i've pulled arches with a heat gun and a baseball bat about 3-4mm i would guess.
  6. matttrs

    how do you remove the c pillar interior trim? Avant

    should any one need to do this, undo the roof rail bolt inside the clip and then its all about brute force but carefully!
  7. matttrs

    Wheels on a b6

    If they need adaptors to fit, I think you've got no chance, I have 9.5 et 47 with 20mm adaptors and they poke about 10mm. thats with a slightly pulled arch
  8. matttrs

    how do you remove the c pillar interior trim? Avant

    I need to get to the metal, as the boot strut nut has pulled itself out the thread and ruined the lot. I was going to drill a hole in the side so I could attach a new bolt and washer to tighen it up to. I cant see how you get the c pillar trim off, i've got the boot end removed and unclipped...
  9. matttrs

    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    Here's mine although they are currently being split and completely re power coated in different colours. heres my old wheels on my old golf these were my favourite!
  10. matttrs

    Audi A4 1.9TDI 130bhp - Lowering advice needed

    I had vmaxx on my golf, they were hard but not ridiculous, had for a few years the height didn't seem to make a lot of difference.
  11. matttrs

    Suspension picture request (again, sorry)

    the spring and shock kits 30-40 mm drop is not on top of the sport kits, its the SE drop. the sport drop will be 10-20 mm best bet is using the b5 perches
  12. matttrs

    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    Yeah I had the same problem, only one wear indicator, so have the light on at the moment, can you cut lines down and get a fitting to join it back up, i've looped it to the original fitting with cable ties, but not ideal.
  13. matttrs

    Winter wheels

    i've got a spare set of 18" alloys can you get 18 winter tyres? I got them on ebay for 100
  14. matttrs

    Fitting S-line Seats with elec lumber,any advice !?!

    cancel that, those ones have a seatbelt on, the ones I bought from an A3 didn't
  15. matttrs

    Fitting S-line Seats with elec lumber,any advice !?!

    I bought B7 seats, then sold them again, they dont have a seat belt anchor on. and the loom for the electrics is slightly different, it would be simple splicing job but I sold on and bought the sport leather/alacantra ones instead as they are plug and play. the main things like the holes line up...
  16. matttrs

    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    after a lot of reading old threads, I thought i'd upgrade to 312 brakes, I needed new discs and pads, and thought I may as well to fill the wheels nicely. It appeared quite simple, new carriers and a new discs and pads. I found a set on ebay of MK5 gti ones with nearly new discs, and got those...
  17. matttrs

    Whats your average MPG for a 1.9 TDI 130???????? MINES BAD I THINK??????

    full tank on a 1.9 quattro pretty much all mway. about £80 and 500ish miles.
  18. matttrs

    2 best b6 portuguese Projects PHOTOS

    both very nice, black one just wins for me.
  19. matttrs

    Fitting recaros etc to my B6 - any top tips?

    I swapped my front seat for leather, theres the usual four bolts, i think they were allen key type. then theres a load of electrics underneath, get the seat unbolted then tip it back on the rear seats to reach the plugs. but they wired in quite complicated wound around etc, nothing difficult...
  20. matttrs

    what does this warning light mean (0)

    great thanks, I thought they were getting close, so i'll do those. cheers