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  1. BillTheButcher

    B7 Place your bets: DRC or something else?

    Over the weekend I noticed a noise coming from the front axle/suspension area of my B7 RS4 Avant (which I only bought last week :sob: ). It sounds like the car's going over a plastic bottle or a metal can. Once you get over about 10 MPH the noise completely stops. Does this sound like failing...
  2. BillTheButcher

    Part-exchanging a PCP car against a lease car

    Is it possible to part-exchange a car on a PCP against a new car on a lease agreement? Cheers. :)
  3. BillTheButcher

    MDM Technik, Medmenham, Buckinghamshire

    I took my 8P RS3 to MDM Technik for a service last week. Mark (the director) was communicative, responsive and helpful throughout. The work was carried out on budget and on time; and I was loaned an A6 while my car was off the road. Total cost: £379 including VAT, which included new spark...
  4. BillTheButcher

    ASM Performance, Milton Keynes

    Mixed reviews about this dealer. Does anyone have personal experience of them, or know someone that has? OK or avoid? Cheers.
  5. BillTheButcher

    8P RS3 -> B7 RS4?

    IMO the 8P RS3 is a great car - fast, stealthy, practical - but I've always wanted a B7 RS4 and I think I might regret it if I don't own one, at least for a while. It looks like you can get a decent one for sub-£20k at the moment so it seems like a good time to change. Has anyone made this...
  6. BillTheButcher

    Best place for RS servicing in South Oxfordshire

    What garages would people recommend for RS servicing and maintenance in South Oxfordshire? I've been advised not to use the official Audi dealers in Oxford or Reading. I've used MRC in the past - and I was very happy with the service - but I've moved quite a bit further south since then. I...
  7. BillTheButcher

    ICE/DIS settings after turning off ignition

    Is there any way to get the ICE/DIS to remember its settings when you turn the ignition off? I set everything up before a journey yesterday, stopped somewhere on the way, then when I started the car again the ICE/DIS screens all went back to their original settings. The radio also came on with...
  8. BillTheButcher

    Picking up my 8P RS3 this afternoon

    After a considerable period of absence from Audi ownership I'm picking up an 8P RS3 tomorrow. It's never going to be as sharp, as precise or as angry as the Lotus V6 Exige S that it's replacing (in fairness I've never driven anything that was) but I absolutely love the noise, the pace, the...
  9. BillTheButcher

    B6 S4 (already remapped) up to 400 BHP...

    My B6 S4 is currently running about 370 BHP with catback, high-flow cats and remap. I'm very happy with it but I've been wondering what it would take (or if it's even possible) to get it up to 400 BHP? I don't want to de-cat, go FI or sacrifice the reliability of the engine. :thumbsup:
  10. BillTheButcher

    A4/A5 test drive

    Hello. A friend of mine would like to test drive an A4 saloon 3.0 TDI and an A5 sportback 3.0 TDI with a view to getting one as a company car but the Audi dealers that he's spoken to (he's based in the Midlands) have said that they won't have either model available for a test drive until...
  11. BillTheButcher

    S4 rain-sensing wipers

    I found the threads asking about automatic rain-sensing wipers on A4s in general and the consensus seemed to be that it wasn't an option but is the same true for the S4? Mine has auto-lights and auto-dimming rear view mirror but no auto-wipers. My 53 plate Mk4 R32 had these so I thought the S4...
  12. BillTheButcher

    B6 S4 brake pad/disc costs

    Following yesterday's (successful) MOT I've been advised that the S4 will need new pads and discs all round before too long. So two questions... 1. Will the onboard sensor give me a warning light nearer the time? 2. The garage is going to quote me for the work so what would be a decent price...
  13. BillTheButcher

    Selling private plates

    Hello. I should be picking up my B6 S4 later this week. :s4addict: It's currently got private plates on it which I want to remove and sell on ASAP. I already have a quote from but are there any other sites/companies that people would recommend? Also, as I understand it...
  14. BillTheButcher

    B6 S4 badge removal

    Hello. :) How are the front grille and rear S4 badges attached on the B6 S4? I'm guessing glue for the rear badge but is the one on the grille secured by pins through a backplate? TIA. :icon_thumright:
  15. BillTheButcher

    Transmission whine on a B6 S4?

    Hello. I recently test drove a B6 S4 saloon which made a noise that sounded like transmission whine every time I lifted off the accelerator. It's quite difficult to describe the exact noise but it sounded like something spinning which gradually got slower as the car decelerated. It sounded...
  16. BillTheButcher

    Where to buy an S4...

    The hunt is on for a B6 S4. :s4addict: Are there any sites people would recommend for buying/selling cars apart from the following: This forum Autotrader Pistonheads I've tried the used car locator on the Audi site but there don't seem to be any B6 S4s on there...
  17. BillTheButcher

    High mileage S4s

    Hello. I'm looking at B6 S4s and there are a fair few around with about 70-80k on the clock for near enough £10k (which would make them almost a direct swap for my Mk4 R32). As long as it's got a full service history and the leaking radiator and chain tensioner problems have been addressed is...
  18. BillTheButcher

    Soon-to-be B6 S4 owner (hopefully)

    Hello all. :) I currently own a Mk4 Golf R32 but I'm hoping to change to a B6 S4 soon as a stepping stone to my ultimate goal: a B7 RS4. :hubbahubba: