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  1. vince, A3 turbo

    Can I throw my hockey puck in the bin

    I'm planing on doing the same thing, if I put a breather on the crank case under the car, will it leak oil at all ?what's a Transverse engine mate? Mines a AGU so I don't know if it's safe to remove the puck or not,
  2. vince, A3 turbo

    Strange whizz on start up 99 s3

    It sounds Like the starter motor to me, same thing happened to me when I had my clutch replaced, I would worry about it, if it's the Starter motor it's not made to spin for that long or that fast so it can cause a fire, Easy fix tho, jut remove it and clean it with break cleaner so it engages...
  3. vince, A3 turbo

    Batterys flat, help please

    But what if I want to?? How is it a waste of time? Couple hours to weld up a box and run the wire, tidies up engine bay and makes space for the filter and sheild i want,There are also a few people on ASN who have or want to move the battery, Do I have to follow every one else?
  4. vince, A3 turbo

    FK AK Street coilover suspension kit audi a3/s3 8l 96-03 quattro 4x4 models

    Ive had them on my car 7-8 months and got it quite low and there not to stiff, I have it on the ramp all the time, had it up last weekend, and no leaks at all, no knocks when driving at all either, the rears still look like new but the fronts have started to corrode, (disscoulor)abit but can...
  5. vince, A3 turbo

    Batterys flat, help please

    Thanks mate I'll try find a Motorsport one this evening,and keep that i'n mind, I use my car as a work van ATM so hopefully I'll be okay , don't suppose you have a link do you? Thanks colicabcadam I want to move the battery so I can weld i'n a heat shield and fit a bigger filter as close to...
  6. vince, A3 turbo

    Batterys flat, help please

    I've just got to my car after a day at work, to find a dead battery, got jumped and home and now looking for a good but small battery I want to move the battery to the boot or behind passenger seat if I can get one small enough, Is any one using a small battery and were is a good place to...
  7. vince, A3 turbo

    Exhaust question??

    Cheers dude I'll ask them :) Haha that sounds ace, well good idea, What back box is it mate? And how much? Couldn't I just cut the tips off and weld some 90z on? What size inlet ? Thanks mate
  8. vince, A3 turbo

    Exhaust question??

    Cheers guys, Rogo do you have a link? Cheers
  9. vince, A3 turbo

    Exhaust question??

    Alright guys this might be a stupid question but does a 20v turbo engine need back pressure to run correctly ? I recently removed my centre box and really happy as it's still quiet and car feels like it pulls harder at lower revs, im going to do 3" downpipe and decat ( might go straight...
  10. vince, A3 turbo

    hi all anyone got audi tt competition alloy wheels fitted ?

    There not the competition alloys, they the ones I have.they are off a tt, but not as special as the comps
  11. vince, A3 turbo

    Immobiliser problem

    Alright Guys I've always had a problem with my car were the immobiliser light flashes and engine will start and then cut out, it's bin annoying but A few turns of the key later it's always bin useable,how ever the last couple of days it's bin taking 20 mins to get going, Can I just replace...
  12. vince, A3 turbo

    Door Randomly opens on it's own :/

    I left the front door cards on mate just stripped out the rear
  13. vince, A3 turbo

    Door Randomly opens on it's own :/

    I'm confused The lock doesn't seem to lock or unlock all the way so when I try and close the door, the lock hits the catch so it doesn't even close :/ if I pull It slowly but hard from the inside I can just about make it shut
  14. vince, A3 turbo

    Door Randomly opens on it's own :/

    ' cheers aragorn I'll do as Aj said and glue all the joints and see what happens
  15. vince, A3 turbo

    Door Randomly opens on it's own :/

    Alright guys I stripped my car out last week and when I was hiding my cables and other bits I disconnected the central locking lines near the boot lock, I locked the door before reconnecting the lines and the pump didn't stop so I left the car unlocked, next day I connected it all back...
  16. vince, A3 turbo


    Is it normal to have one rear light out? Are they on differant fuses? Like some safety thing so you can always have one if a fuse goes ?
  17. vince, A3 turbo

    Lights out :(

    Hi guys Ive got a silly problem Rear side lights arnt working and neither is the ash tray light Any ideas what fuse may have gone? Cheers vince
  18. vince, A3 turbo

    centre pipe/ race tube

    Alright nick I had a look on euro car parts and can't find the centre section :/ I'm going to get one with a 3" dp soon tho, what down pipe (de cat) should I get? There are loads on eBay :)
  19. vince, A3 turbo

    centre pipe/ race tube

    Do u have a link Jay??