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  1. tony mc

    looking good today

    Now then people, been and picked the car up from the painters today and thought i'd share a pic, I'll get some more/better ones when the weathers better to really show it off. its mint having a ten year old car with no stone chips or little stone dents (see how long that lasts) looks fab like
  2. tony mc

    update: the new 19's

    dont get too excited but..... i picked them up from the refurb place today, 4 x rainsport 3's turning up tomorrow so they should be on the car tomorrow night, pics fitted will follow
  3. tony mc

    team dynamics

    having a rethink on what rims i'm after, any one got 18" pro race 1.2 or 1.3's on there avant, any thoughts will also be helpful
  4. tony mc

    any one know .....

    eh up people, any one know of any 19's that'll go over my brembo 1le caliper's that wont need spacers, just tried my rotor reps and they wont go on without 10 mm spacers, even then they still really close to the caliper 1 or 2 mm, the rotors are et43 with a deep concave, my standard rims are...
  5. tony mc

    can we have the snow back

    as above really, it is xmas eve mods and i'm feeling the festivity MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL lmao
  6. tony mc

    brembo 17z calipers

    now gents any one know if they will go on my b7, or is it only the 18z's that'll go on ? i know i'll need everything else as well just wanting know about the calipers, edit, sorry gents i think i've just found the answer myself, looks like they will go on :chuncky:
  7. tony mc

    how long dose your tdi take to warm up

    as above, mines a 140 tdi and takes for ever when its cold, can i solve this ??? i work 6 miles from home and this morning it just hit 90 on the temp gauge as i pulled into the car park at work, so its reminded me that it has been like this coming up 3 years now its a ball ache in winter. i...
  8. tony mc

    exhaust modding question

    now chaps, i've got a miltek on my 140 tdi and i want a bit more grunt out of it, so the question is this, to get said grunt would you go for the back box delete or the middle box delete ??? i'm thinking middle as if i do the back box's it may be too loud, but my buddy says back box's as...
  9. tony mc

    winter wheel spruce up

    now then, i'm tarting my winters up this afty and would like a few quick thoughts please. basically should i go with more copper on them so the would be brighter and more metallic or stay with as they are ??? i'm thinking i'd like to it with more but, if i dont like them to bright i'll have to...
  10. tony mc

    anti shudder valve woes

    now gents, right to start off today i have cleaned my anti shudder valve, egr and manifold, happy days or so i thought, then my bestest buddy turned up (mechanic by trade) and started to laugh at me, "why are you cleaning the anti shudder" ? so i tell him why and this should sort my idle wobble...
  11. tony mc

    tempted fate

    well i did it... did what you ask ? put my foot down a little to much today on a, lets say very spirited drive on my way to and from fishing today and got kicked in the nuts for it lol, the car had a judder at low speeds under acceleration, (noticed as soon as i stopped trying to ring it out)...
  12. tony mc

    s4 mirrors/covers, back on or leave off

    as title, i took them off to look after them over the winter now i dont know if i should put them back on, lol. (they are of excellent quality and aint your cheapo nasty looking ones, cost me about £150.) so boys and girls, would you put them back on or stay with my black one's i cant make my...
  13. tony mc

    can any one help please

    hi all, as above can any one help please, i'll try my best to describe my problem. i have an android head unit and i think full bose (bose speakers all round amp and sub in boot), that works fine barring a lot of alternator whine (buzzing speakers, interference). now here's the problem, i...
  14. tony mc

    reverse light wiring

    now chaps, i'm in the middle of putting a reverse cam in the avant, i need to find the power supply cable for the reverse bulb to fit the camera, i have a 4 wire plug going to the bulb cluster, is one of these the one i need to tap into or can i do it somewhere else ? thanks tony.
  15. tony mc

    think my turbos about to go pop

    hi all, as title, my turbos about to let go by the sound and performance of it ( overboosting limp mode and loud whistle when cold with a good amount of chatter on lift off ) so i'm gonna book the car in to get sorted, now my question is this, now the time has come to replace the turbo so do i...
  16. tony mc

    winter mode

    now then, just thought i show you lot my plastidip winter wheels, first time i've used it and must say i'm pretty happy with the result, these s line 18's needed a refurb but also serve as my winter now so i thought i'd rubber them up for the winter, it should look after them over the winter and...
  17. tony mc

    any one de catted their 140 ???

    eh up, any one de catted their 140 tdi, i've got a milltek cat back and down pipe and a dtuk box and i'm unsure if the decat will be the nail in the coffin, as in i'll be balls out on the tiny turbo and it'll let go ??? any advice before i decide to go for one and see for my self ??? cheers...
  18. tony mc

    wheel sizes

    right then sorry for any repeat posting about this thread/question but my head hurts after sitting here going through the search route for an hour, what i need to know is will this size wheel 9J x 19 ET 33 LK. 5x112 with this size 255/35/19 tyre's fit my avant a4 and if they wont go what size...
  19. tony mc

    dark side tdi turbo kits

    now then, has any one had any of the upgrad turbo kits from dark side developments fitted to their tdi, (the ones that take the 140 tdi's from 140 to 200/220/240) looking out for any info as i'm really starting to like the idea, got the funds to do it, its just should i.:icon thumright: she...
  20. tony mc

    had the dreaded po234 fault code and limp mode 140 tdi bre

    hi all, as above, i was driving the car (140 tdi bre) joining an A road in 4th put my foot down and up in to 5th and nothing ??? tried again, nothing ??? could only do about 40 mph. this has never happened before or after, no light on the dash, no smoke from the back ( i was expecting oil clouds...