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  1. TimWills28

    VCDS - anyone near Romford ?

    In Canning Town/Beckton/a406 Edmonton if you're ever passing through
  2. TimWills28

    Flashing brake lights on hard braking Audi s3 8p ?

    Here mate Halfway through page
  3. TimWills28

    VCDS Software

    Read this! Not worth it, a damaged module will cost more than £300 to replace or repair.
  4. TimWills28

    VCDS Software

    You sell everything! This is the guy mate [emoji106]
  5. TimWills28

    VCDS Software

    The official website, Google it. Download the software free, pay only for genuine cable around 250-300
  6. TimWills28


    Sent you a pm Sandra
  7. TimWills28

    Reset service light etc after remap

    You can reset service light without vcds...answer to your question, you will not lose your remap as a remap only plays with engine parameters not the same module used for servicing. On a safe side Id say use the button on dash to reset.
  8. TimWills28

    how to turn tick over up

    Done this today to cure judder on idle! Down to 800 no problems!!
  9. TimWills28

    VCDS in London

    Shout out to Dannykn9 who sorted out my judder on idle problem. Little bit of bedtime reading for you... After I left him a message 2 days ago, he sent me a text this evening saying come tomorrow and he would sort it out, then asked me if I wanted to come being in the area said...