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  1. Keeno


    F**king Halifax. My girlfriend opened a student account with them when she started Uni (4 years ago). She got a job as a teacher last September and worked out that she could pay off the £3000 in 12 months, unfortunately it didn't quite work out like that and she's managed to knock out about a...
  2. Keeno

    "Cherished" plate transfer in a non-fault claim.

    If I've put in a total loss non-fault claim and the other party has accepted full liability, will their insurer pay to have my personalised plates on retention? Or will I have to pursue it theough the courts (seems a little pointless for £105)?
  3. Keeno

    non-fault claim?

    The long an short of it is that some bint ****-ended me yesterday, a little inconvienient but not a massive issue as she's admitted liability. Obviously I've informed my insurer and sorted out a courtesy car though them, and if it's a total loss they persue my excess through her insurer etc...
  4. Keeno


    Anyone else on here also on LinkedIn? Just shamelessly trying to boost my connections :laugh:
  5. Keeno

    Fiat forums?

    Just been on a bit of an epic shopping trip for the Mrs, from Haywards Heath to Byfleet via crawley amd back to Crawley again... Ended up with a '57 plate Pasadoble red Fiat 500 for around 2 grand less than the market average. Bargain! Anyway, can anyone recommend a decent fiat/500 specific...
  6. Keeno

    Temp problem

    AUZ 1.8T - At the last MOT the tech noticed that the temp. guage was reading 10 degrees lower than the actual engine temp, and more recently the temp warning symbol has been coming up despite the car not overheating (eg it'll beep as soon as I start it up in the morning). It used to be...
  7. Keeno

    Wheel info needed!

    Calling all wheels whores! Been clearing some of my junk out of my old man's garage and came across an old set of wheels bought for my Polo GT but never fitted. I've managed to find out that they're Centra Type 11 (6Jx14, ET30), but I can't find out how much they cost new and therefore whether...
  8. Keeno

    Black MTM S3 - Sainsburys Haywards Heath

  9. Keeno

    Graham Norton tonight...

    Anyone else watching Graham Norton and is now eyeing up their fridge and reaching for the maplins catalogue?
  10. Keeno

    ASN Black Ops clan?

    On the 360. Nothing serious, just for s**ts and giggles - sharpshooter, TDM etc. Any takers?
  11. Keeno

    Upgrade to iPhone 4

    Due an upgrade on O2 and I quite fancy the iPhone 4 (using a 3G ATM). However, I don't fancy the £35/month, 24 month contract with a phone for £229. Just wondering if anyone had negotiated a better deal over the phone? I'm paying £35 a month now with 600 minutes (18 mnth contract) which I'd...
  12. Keeno

    S3 on the A272 , subtle FMIC...

    Heading from away from Ansty towards Haywards Heath/Cuckfield about 10 this morning.
  13. Keeno

    Custom Exhausts, W. Sussex.

    More specifically near Haywards Heath. Can anyone recommend a place, obviously there's QST but I've no idea if they fabricate exhausts and I can;t imagine they'd be overly cheap if they do! Cheers!
  14. Keeno

    Yet another photoshop request!

    R32 style double single-exit exhausts onto a standard A3 8L rear bumper if you please?
  15. Keeno

    Exhaust Opinions...

    Milltek's new mkIV R32 style exhaust onto an A3 20VT (properly fitted into the standard bumper). Yay or nay?
  16. Keeno

    Dual vs. single mass clutch kit?

    I can get a brand new LUK standard dual mass flywheel and clutch for £240. BUT Is the stage 1 ECS kit (lightweight single mass flywheel, 228mm clutch) worth the extra £90 over the LUK kit? Bit unsure on the ECS kit as I've been cautioned against mating a flywheel and clutch from different...
  17. Keeno

    Wing mirror cover.

    Can anyone give me a part number and rough price for an offside wing morror cover (plastic)? Some **** tried to force his way through a gap that really wasn't wide enough and as a result has cracked the back of my mirror. :no: I can replace just the coloured plastic bit and not the whole...
  18. Keeno

    Colour code

    Where is it?! I'm guessing it's on some form of sticker somewhere, but the question is where?
  19. Keeno

    Y'all remember the car being pushed by the lorry...

    Interview with the drive of the car!
  20. Keeno

    Doesn't make living in this country seem quite so bad... Incidently, did anyone else watch the program on BBC3 tonight about that woman that went back to visit Afganistan?