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    O2 network down

    As if by coincidence my car has developed mmi rebooting today for the first time in months just as my mobile phone network o2 is reporting network coverage issues in my area. Anyone else experiencing problems today ?
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    Recommend Screenwash

    I’ve used that in the past in my previous A3 and the mrs A1. I did buy some quantum from the Volkswagen dealers last week while passing apparently it’s the same stuff.
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    Recommend Screenwash

    Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll get some ordered
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    Recommend Screenwash

    Can anyone tell me what the recommended screenwash is for the 8Y My old A1 & A3 I used VW Quantum but now I see they do a fine fan jet. I’ve a few work mates who put the cheap stuff in but then moan when the jets block up.
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    Electronic Barking Brake Sticking.

    Funny you should say that mine had to have a new ABS module due to the parking brake failure and since then it feels much better.
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    Electronic Barking Brake Sticking.

    Mines the same, so I just use the auto hold. When I first got my car auto hold didn’t work and I had to manually pull the switch when I went to pull away it felt like it was going to stall.
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    I’ve a BlackVue front and rear . Currently just plugged into the 12v socket so no parking record. Im also wondering about wiring it to the fuse box but don’t want it to cause problems so I’ll stick as is for the time being
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    No complaints from me about the mpg 30TDi Saloon S-line. 60 mile commute daily mainly A roads and Motorway.
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    Audi MMI User Settings Update

    I’m told it’s Vodafone. I’m also told it’s something to do with Vodafone Ireland due to them still being part of Eurozone. I can’t deny or confirm what I’ve been told though .
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    Hands free. I can hear them but they can’t hear me.

    I’ve a guarantee that mine will have a permanent manufacturers fix before the 1st November or mine will be subject to rejection and can be returned.
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    Car is back from the dealership

    While the car was in for the gearbox inspection the dealership noticed the rear shock had been misting oil , I never heard or noticed anything to be honest, it’s something the garage picked up while it was on the ramp
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    Possible return after 4 years....

    There definitely painted silver . The main reason I had a s-line and not a etd 1 as I don’t like the diamond cut alloys.
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    MMI / touchscreen issues

    I long suspected that Apple CarPlay has been to root of all my problems. I’ve not had any real issues with mine since the last update and I stopped using CarPlay. I’ve a iPhone X so not a new phone at least 2 years old.
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    Those who have had the recall work carried out...

    Mine was done last week . When I checked the mmi is the same . To be fair dealer told me the update wasn’t for the mmi is was for parking sensor fault. I’ve pictures of all the software versions and dates I can check last time it altered on the mmi
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    30tdi saloon manual. Mostly A roads and Motorway.
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    C&S pack, does it come with heater washer nozzles + headlight wash

    I’m sure you only get headlight washers when you have matrix headlights.
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    Car is back from the dealership

    I’ll try and keep this as short as possible. Today I collected my car back from the dealership, so after a few back and forth’s with me saying something wasn’t right with the car and it was very notchie from 3rd to 4th and makes a awful noise when stationary the dealer removed the gearbox and...
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    Audi Refuse Rejection Pt2

    don’t get me wrong here because I absolutely love my A3 which is one of the reasons I decided to keep mine. there must be hundreds of satisfied owners out there, I’ve asked a few people at the dealership where I got mine from and they have said that they are not getting complaints from many...
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    Audi Refuse Rejection Pt2

    What has the dealer said ? My dealership was totally onboard and helped me with the rejection. I have a written guarantee that all will be sorted by November which is why I took the goodwill and didn’t take up rejection
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    Audi Refuse Rejection Pt2

    I take photos of all warnings now. This helped me with my rejection case.