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  1. Svenedin

    Facelift S3 windscreen washer problem -fixed (blocked jets)

    I am having an issue with the jets for the windscreen screen wash. There are 3 jets either side but only 2 out of 3 jets are working either side. I had a look to see if it was a simple case of leaves or something but it is not. When I opened the bonnet a load of washer fluid ran out of the...
  2. Svenedin

    Facelift S3 8V DIY Oil Change

    I've searched the forum for an answer to this question but I couldn't find anything. I may do an interim DIY oil and filter change. The simplest way I could do this would be to suck the oil out with a vacuum extractor. To be honest I think this would be good enough especially as this is an oil...
  3. Svenedin

    Facelift Overfilled Coolant -sloppy Audi Service

    Hardly worth a thread on this but..... I had my "inspection service" about 2 weeks ago. The car is on 19,000 miles. It had its oil and filter change earlier this year. Anyway, I was doing my routine checks this morning: tyre pressures, oil level, screen wash, coolant. I do this roughly...
  4. Svenedin

    Audi Universal Traffic Recorder (Dash Cam)

    A forum search has drawn a blank on this. It's basically a dash cam available as front only or front and rear. It's expensive compared to other systems but does have a nice Audi logo on it and the requisite wiring. Some details here...
  5. Svenedin

    Facelift S3 Audi Sound System not staying muted

    When I mute audio by either turning the volume fully down or pushing down the volume button it will start playing audio again the next time I go to use the car. In other words it will not stay muted. This happens whatever the source of music (radio, digital audio files on an SD card)...
  6. Svenedin

    Facelift Seatbelt Pretensioner igniter fault 01637

    Scanned my car with Carista and found this fault: Infotainment system Part #: 8V1035035 Coding: 01735301FF0A000011111101000A00332F0027E701700100DE (hex) Component: MU-P-LND-EU Fault codes: 01637 Ignitor, rear tensioner, ps.side (N197) A bit worrying because in an accident the seatbelt...
  7. Svenedin

    Facelift Annoyance: Gap between windscreen and dashboard; losing tickets

    Is anyone else irritated by the thin gap between the windscreen and the dashboard? It is the perfect gap for pay and display tickets etc to fall down and a devil to try to retrieve them. I have to display a pass at work but for security reasons it has to be removed when off site. Several times...
  8. Svenedin

    Facelift Minor accident; hopeless, rude driving. Need a dash cam!

    I was driving up a very steep and narrow hill this afternoon (Succombs Hill, Warlingham, Surrey). I saw a car coming down the hill and realised that it was going to be tight for us both to pass. I slowed down but the other car did not so I came to a complete stop. The idiot continued down hill...
  9. Svenedin

    DKW 3=6 Sonderklasse

    I just thought this might be of interest to somebody, I've been scanning old slides. This is my father's DKW (with my mother in front) at a camp site in Imperia, Italy in Summer 1962. They had driven from England (with a trailer) and 5 people in the car! A Swede in a Volvo had collided with the...
  10. Svenedin

    Facelift S3 Electric Window Problem

    Driving today I had a problem with the driver's window. The window was down but when I decided to close it the window went back up to the closed position and straight back down again. This happened half a dozen times. It was annoying because I had moved from town to a free moving A-road and an...
  11. Svenedin

    Shell "Lucky Pump Day"

    On my way home today I filled up at Shell on the A3 Northbound at Liphook, Hampshire. The attendant started filling with the requested V-power petrol and then told me I had won "Lucky Pump Day". £30 of fuel vouchers. Bonus!
  12. Svenedin

    Facelift S3 Logo (8V FL Sportback ) Rubber Mats

    I have been looking for some rubber floor mats for my car (just for the front). I know that the A3 sportback mats will fit my car but I discovered that Audi do make rubber mats with the S3 logo (part number 8V1061221B 041). Unfortunately, my local Audi parts department say that the S3 logo...