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    Clutch Pedal not coming back up

    Hi all. Sorry if this has already been done, but haven't as of yet found it. As the title says... the Clutch pedal randomly stays down or partway down and am having to use my foot to lift it back up. Would this be the clutch slave cylinder or the master cylinder. Had the car on the ramps today...
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    Cigarette Lighter replacement

    Hi all, I have had a quick search on the forum, but as of yet not found anything (or I'm going blind). My cigarette lighter has stopped working. Fuse is ok, my first check!! So I'm guessing it needs to be replaced?! Getting a genuine one from Audi is apparently non-existent, but they do...
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    B7 or B8 That is the question ? !

    Hi all, Long time member but last few years not posted anything :frown new: For the odd few that know me.... Yes i still own my B5 S4 (10/11 years now :wink: :nogarors4: ) and still love it (not that i drive it much now due to lack of time and life in general :frown new: ) Anyways on...
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    Having a bit of a garage clear out

    Not sure if this is in the right place so i apolgise in advance. As title says, bit of a garage clear out at the mo. Not sure on prices as i have no idea on what they are worth. 5 x S4 17" Alloys 225's. 4 with Toyo tyres (done approx 1000miles) not sure on the 5th as its in the boot still...
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    New toys for my toy!!

    Well, just playing catch up on the forum as i've been down south for a few days. Had a couple of new toys added. First one is the Hotchkis ARBs extreme have now been added and what a difference to the drive thats made. Soooo much flatter round corners, even i'm suprised. Second one is i've...
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    ALL(!) Wales Meet

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    ALL(!) Wales Meet

    Just an idea (i get the odd one now and again :))..... How about an all Wales Meet? I was thinking of North, South and West, (i was thinking East too, but i don't know of any Audi owners that live in the sea!!) all converging in one area. Places that came to mind and trying to keep it central...
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    Christmas South Wales Meet.

    :jester: Ok then guys and gals lets try and get a big effort for this one. All Audi drivers (as always) are invited. Three things we need to sort out.... 1) the venue, 2) the date and 3) the time. Popular demand seems to be the 'Captains Wife'. It does do very good food and the prices...
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    Audi Specialitst - Cardiff?

    Anybody know of any Audi specialists in South Wales? I'm using Audi - Cardiff Gate all the time (unless its something major then i go to QST), which i'm not happy about as they are sooooo over priced (£120 per hr labour rate)!! Having to have 4 wheel alignment and its costing a mortgage...
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    S4 Alloys & K03 turbos

    I have a full set of S4 alloys (5) with tyres and two K03 turbos in my garage taking up room which is somewhat needed as i'm starting to collect for my next upgrade. What do you think they are worth? Tyres have about 4-5 mm tread (Toyo proxes T1s - 225 45 17 (W)). Wheels have been in garage...
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    Run Flat tyres

    Opinions please.... I'm thinking of getting a set of these as my tyres (on the front) are shot; mind you its not due to having any tread as there is still 6 to 7mm, its due to the inside walls crumbling!!! Not happy or impressed. :( Apparently trying to get them replaced under warranty is...
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    South Wales Meet

    G8ANT and myself are meeting up this weekend (either the Saturday or Sunday) - date will be confirmed in the next couple of days. It'll probably be Jnc 33 services as there is plenty of room and they do a great cup of coffee too :yes:. From there we'll probably go for a gentle (spirited) run...
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    Hi, Newbie to this site!

    Hi, thought i would just drop in and say hi to everyone. I have been a lurker on this site off and on over the last 12 months and thought i really should join. :yahoo: I am also a member on the RS246 and Audisrs forums, both like this forum are very good and informative. I have owned my toy...