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    Start system fault???

    First info display said keys not in car,then is said start fault,car started fine,turned of and back on againand all ok,so ive changed battery in my remote key but u sure why this happened any ideas
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    Audi extended warranty

    Just done a quote My car is 3 years old only done 6700 miles Full cover no excess doing less than 10000 miles a year They want 450 a year Im unsure what it was gonna cost me but i thought it aould have been less than this??
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    Audi 3rd year service

    My s3 is coming upto 3 years old in January, so will need a service and a mot,any ideas on price at the main dealers for my 3rd year service
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    Car insurance time again

    That time again...juat had my quote from direct line on my s3......670...goes up every ****** 47 and have 9 years no claims and a clean licence...quick look on the comparison sites...and can get it a bit cheaper but only from a few mickey mouse firms!!!!
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    Emmision light came up on dash

    Out Christmas shopping...driving home and my emmision control light has lit up amber on my dash on my s3...not flashing just lit parked car up Will have to get it bookd into audi after Christmas...anyone got any ideas???
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    Start stop fault

    Got in my car earlier..whilst out..came up in display..start stop fault.i know theres loads of threads about this..have contacted dealer so they can look at it when its in for its 2 year service in dec....but what normally causes this..easy fix ect?????
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    S3 2nd year service

    Just booked car in for its second service..near died when audi cheshire oaks quoted me....£436....queried cost...then said best they can do is £ booked in..but now im home i was wondering about this price...what has everyone else has paid please
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    Just got my first flat tyre!!!!!

    Home from work..into garage to get car out .....****** flat tyre on the i go away on hols gonna have to stay like that till after my a few questions never had a flat tyre in over 30 years!!!!? When home after 2 in garage...will the...
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    Audi s3 first oil service

    Must back from getting my car serviced..on receipt it says..oil long life oil...but doesn't away what guessing 0w30 or 5w30..can anyone confirm which..if not I will give them a ring to find out 2moro..cheers in advance
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    Number plate fixings questions

    Know..had my car 3 months now..when I picked it up it had the standard audi plates stuck I had my own nice plates from my last car...but couldn't be bothered changing them at the I knew at some point the front plate would fall of...and today it couple of questions Do...
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    Audi s3 saloon facelift alloys..what to replace with..ideas please

    As I've now got 1 curbed alloy..I'm not paying near a grand for 1 alloy..what wheels do i get..I'm a bit would prefer the exact same fitment and offset if possible..don't ask's just my ocd what's put there or what have people got on there saloon???
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    Audi s3 8v saloon alloy wheel price

    I've got the standard alloys on my s3 saloon..but need a new much please
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    It's been one of those months!!!

    Several weeks ago my car went into audi for my audi beam to be fitted as was missing upon collection...all goes well only takes 20 mins,get car the audi home and park the car up...then I get the world's worse case of man flu..really knocked me for six...must be my age...
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    Autowatch ghost

    Thinking about having one of these fitted for a bit of extra security..has anyone got one fitted...I'm a little worried though about the fitting process and having bits removed say from my interior and it not going back perfect..and also how will audi see spitting there dummy out if I...
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    Bank holiday fun...1000 miles break in oil change yay or nay

    Just thought I would see everyone's opinions on this
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    Vcds help in northwest

    Want some bits doing on my 2017 facelift alarm chirp ect...who does this and costs please
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    Audi rs3 red vents..

    Want to get a set of these..but don't seem to be able to put in a parts request???
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    Audi rs3 red vents

    What price are these..and will they be a straight swap for my facelift s3 saloon vents..which I think are awful and cheap now they have been swapped
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    First drive with my matrix led headlights

    Just back from visiting family out in the country..was a long 2 hour drive along long dark country roads..the matrix headlights are can see them moving up the road ect..very bright..but now I am home..I'm a little worried about the amount of times I got flashed by...
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    Facelift FINALLY....picked my my facelift sepang blue s3 saloon

    Well..after 11 months after my prefacelift s3 engine blew up..a long wait due to me wanting a sepang blue s3..same colour as my old car..finally audi have supplied me what I very own..facelift sepang blue s3 ...and I absolutely love it..after the facelift was released i knew my colour...