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  1. Gary_LB

    The S4 has gone

    After 20 months of ownership the S4 has gone and I have moved on to pastures new. I’ve enjoyed owning the S4 however this was always a compromise based on the need for the practically of rear doors and more motorway miles. Neither of which I have required as much as expected meaning I could go...
  2. Gary_LB

    MyAudi Destinations from App to MMI

    Hi chaps, So just over 3 weeks into ownership and it’s time for my first question.. I understand that I can load a destination on the app and send this to the car MMI however when I send this destination to the MMI I am unable to find it when I get into the car so have to enter details into...
  3. Gary_LB

    I've now collected the S4!

    o the trusty M235i has now gone and i have my awesome new S4 :) As I mentioned previously this was a 'forced' change due to practicality requirements so whatever replacement i go for has large shoes to fill. So after looking at various options I decided the practicality, all weather ability and...
  4. Gary_LB

    New member - collected my S4

    Hi all, I thought I would introduce myself now I have picked up my new S4! I'm a convert from the world of BMW having owned a few most recently being my beloved M235i which unfortunately had to go as with aging parents both mine and my in-laws were struggling to get in and out of the coupe...
  5. Gary_LB

    Looking to purchase a B9 S4 coming from a BMW M235i

    Hi all, New member here with this being my first post. I am currently negotiating a deal on an new S4 saloon and this will be my first Audi after numerous BMWs. I need more practicality and all weather ability due to a change in job and aging parents so I am having to say goodbye to my beloved...