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    Golf Edition 35!!!

    Hey all... Well long story short I recently bought an Edition 30 from my local main dealer and the whole process was a nightmare, had all sorts of problems with the car and the sales guys involved, and the negotiations are still ongoing on some of the faults. On a recent conversation with them...
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    Old member returned!!!

    Hi all, just to re-introduce myself, spent alot of time on the site up untill a couple of years ago when I bought a house in need of lots of work, so sold my old A3 3.2 Q and have had a run around since. So the house is done and I have treated myself to a new car, not Audi but a Golf GTI ED...
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    BTCC 2009

    Quick question as I havnt paid much attention to it of late, anyone know whats happening for 2009, who is driving what & has Plato got a drive secured for 09 as yet? Also,what are peoples views on the cars for next year-any predictions what will be on top??? Normally stay on top of this but been...
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    Finally sold-but for peanuts

    Well guys, I have accepted a low offer of 9.5 k for my motor so will be off hunting for a run about to see me over the winter-that and to see what happens in general with the old economy??? Who knows what sort of money mine will be worth in another year or so? Will get something along the lines...
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    Service price to cheap?

    Well, just booked my car in for its biggy 40k service, which includes plugs DSG oil\filter & Haldex oil\filter, also its due a brake fluid change. Booked in with my local Audi dealers and when they quoted I was quite surprised in a nice kind of way...they quoted an all in price of £485 inc vat...
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    DSG gear knob\lever replacement?

    Does anyone know if its possible to change the gear lever from the old type (DSG-Silver bulky one) to the newer S tronic type (leather one)??? Stupid cosmetic thing but would just make it look a little more modern?:happy:
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    F1 2008 Season

    So with the 2008 season about to start (16\3)... who is your money on this year??? How do you think Alonso will do in the Renault? Will Hamilton keep his cool for another good year? Or will it be a one of the flying red machines for the win? Discuss?... Wez.:cool:
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    Skyline & RS6 on 5th Gear last night.

    As above...anyone see these, any thoughts on the reviews, I might be alone in thinking the cars looked superb but the reviews on them were useless? :sorry:
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    Congestion charge at Heathrow???

    As above, does anyone know if there is one, and if so how it works??? I have to pick up some friends that are coming over from the States and have not been up that neck of the woods for years:cool: Wes.:icon_thumright:
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    Strange fault with my 3.2?

    Had a search and could`nt find owt...My 3.2 has a strange fault (might not be a fault) in that every now and again,sometimes once a week,sometimes once a month, when I`m at junctions or in traffic and I put it into `N` while waiting, it revs up to about 1100rpm on its own,then when I drive off...
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    German Trackday

    Well as above,I just found that are organising this for 25th of Feb 2008, if like me you have not done much track driving then Snetterton is (so I have been told) a good easy track to start with. I`m going to book in next week direct with Snetterton (01953 887303) and...
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    I live in a nice little quiet village in Norwich,never really get any trouble, however I got woken up by Mr Policeman @ silly o clock yesterday morning to ask me to be extra carefull & make sure we lock up nights...turns out our friends over the road had been robbed while sleeping-even worse is...
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    Secondary water pump on 3.2?

    I`ve had a few problems with my car but touch wood(head) its been good of late...however when switching off I`m sure I used to here a very quiet buzzing (water pump) but I never seem to here this anymore??? Is it broken or do they only work in the summer when its mega hot??? I had the cooling...
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    Hi people, this might have been asked before but I cant find it anywhere car is coming up for 4 years old (jan) and has only done 21k,my question is ref DSG oil change,the service book and the dealer tells me its due a change @ 40k however I do very little milage so that would be about...
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    My 3.2 engine light came on a month ago-went to stealers and had a temp switch replaced...2 weeks ago it came on again and the stealers then had to replace 2 oxygen sensors and the ACF valve...last night it came on again and I had a mega loss of power,also the cooling fans would not stop...
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    What does an ACF valve & filter do???

    As above-what does it do & is this a common fault on 3.2`s-as I have now had 2 in 10 months? The Stealers could`nt really explain what it is??? Active Charcoal Filter-I can only assume it filters air in the inlet\breather ??? Any thoughts? The car now also needs 2 oxygen sensors aswell-and I...
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    Will these fit?

    Found a set of genuine S4 AVUS 18" wheels from a 2005 s4...will they fit my 3.2 Q ??? Not sure what `ET` they are???:confused:
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    Anyone seen the `Q5` on msn cars?

    Just logged in and on route spotted the Q5 advert on the homepage...lists a 4 pot TDI with 204 bhp & high 200`s torque & 40 mpg...sounds like a good engine for the A3:hubbahubba:
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    Advice needed-got to store my car...

    Got to work away for a three months so going to have tuck the car up in the garage for a while...Firstly I think the battery is in the boot on my 3.2 QS DSG-can anyone confirm this and should I disconnect it or leave it??? Needless to say it will be cleaned & polished to within an inch of its...
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    Guy`s -done a search but on previous threads there did`nt seem to be an answer as such(maybe there is`nt one?):confused: My 3.2 q is a right Cow to get filled up-it takes ages at the pump as I have to just trickle fuel in to stop it clicking off? Tried all sorts of methods of getting it in but...