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    For Sale Exhaust & Valence - perfect for twin exit conversion

    2012 Facelift rear valence and exhaust from my A5, 3.0 TFSI V6 (rare de-spec’d S5), perfect for a twin exit exhaust conversion. Based in Bournemouth, UK Looking for £150 for the valence, and £250 for both valence and exhaust. Buyer to arrange collection.
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    Sold Genuine Audi 19” Segment A5, S5 Alloys

    Genuine Audi 19” Segment Alloy Wheels in Grey / Anthracite. Fitted with new ContiSport Contact 255 35 19 tyres that have only covered 500 miles, and are free from any repairs. 5x112mm stud pattern, with an offset of ET33 and a rim width 9J x 19. Centre bore 66.6 Part number: 8T0 601 025T A...
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    For Sale Genuine RS5 Rotor Alloys

    Set of four genuine RS5 Rotor alloys. No cracks, buckles or repairs. The polished faces have been painted silver to be easier to maintain. Overall in cracking condition, as per the pictures. All tyres are in good condition, with plenty of tread. Fitted with x2 Pirelli and x2 Michelin 265/30ZR20...
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    My new A5 Convertible...

    Well, not mine yet. I’m currently on the train on route to pick it up - full of all the mixed feelings of excitement and nerves that it’s going to be a lemon. But, for now, let’s keep positive. I was originally looking at S5s, but was worried about gearboxes and big bills, so I’ve opted for a...
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    Audi S5 Buying Advice? (Gearbox & Wheels)

    Hey team, So I’ve decided my next car is going to be an S5 Convertible. I’ve a 10-12k budget, and looking to get something around 2010 with 60-80k miles, and I’ve a few questions: Firstly, and buying advice or things to check would be much appreciated. I understand the gearbox, and the early...
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    For Sale Audi A4 Avant Quattro

    Full Audi Main Dealer service history from new with all original invoices and MOTs to back up the history. 99,000 miles. Immaculate condition with recent service and MOT, including new tyres all round. Fully loaded S Line Black Edition with full black leather interior, heated electric seats...
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    Buying advice please!

    Hey team, I’ve decided I fancy a change, and the A7 seems to fit the bill. I’m looking at 2010 ish cars with around 90-100k miles in SE spec (10k budget) I do however have a few questions: - One I’ve seen mentions air suspension, do they all come with this? Does the ride height come down to a...
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    Streaming music in B8 A4?

    so, I’m a Chris Evans fan, and I want to listen to Virgin Radio in the morning, but I don’t have DAB. I would also like to stream music from Spotify on my iPhone 8. Can someone talk me through my options? I have Satnav, and Bluetooth phone prep, and the bellow socket in my glovebox....?
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    Q5 Q5 revs surging in reverse?

    Hi all, We have recently purchased a 2010 Q5, with full main dealer history and 85k miles. It is the 2.0T FSI engine, and had the oil consumption work done last year under warranty from Audi. Perfect we thought. However, we have recently noticed the revs surge up and down when reversing. My...
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    My new ride: 3.0TDI Quattro Avant

    Well, after parting company with my V8 S5, i knew exactly what I wanted: - Four doors for the kids and school-run - Big boot for dump-runs and family trips - Auto box for my stop-start commute - Balance of performance and running costs - Something nice to look at! And, here it is.. 2010 A4...
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    Gearbox problems..

    Hi guys, About 6-months ago I purchased a 2010 A4 Avant 3.0TDi Quattro. However recently I’ve noticed a really annoying lag / hesitation that occurres when pulling away from a junction etc. It mainly happens from a very slow rolling start, say after you pull up to a junction, slow down to a...
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    Rubber boot mat for Avant?

    Guys, I'm looking to buy a rubber boot mat for my new A4 Avant, can anyone recommend a place to buy one? There's a few on eBay for around £30 which seem oksy, but I'm looking for one that fits well and doesn't stick up like a cheap rug! Suggestions and recommendations appreciated..
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    EGR + EGR Cooler?

    Team, I've recently bought a 2010 A4 3.0TDI quattro, and the engine light has come on. A local garage has diagnosed it as the EGR valve, and looking through service records this has already been cleaned by the previous owner for the same problem - which clearly wasn't fixed! My question is...
  14. AudiSport

    Anthracite alloys on Dolphin Grey?

    Just bought a 2006 5-dr Dolphin Grey Sportsback and can't decide if I should go for 18 Rotor Arm alloys or RS4s in Athracite... What are your thoughts? RS4s are pretty common in silver, and they look good. I do like the subtle OEM look ; ) Pictures would be great if you have any too!
  15. AudiSport

    Rotor style alloys and offset?

    Hi guys, Im looking to buy and A3 and some rotor style alloys, but I'm not sure what offset to go for. Most reps on eBay seem to be 45, and I'm worried this will stick out too much on the front. Can anyone comment on this, or recommend somewhere reputable to buy a set? photos would be great...
  16. AudiSport

    Alloy wheel offset?

    I'm looking to buy an A3 over the next few weeks and I plan to buy a set of 18" anthracite RS4s, however I would like some info on what offset to look out for. I like the OEM look, although 5mm wider would look just right. I want to avoid spacers so would rather get some wider alloys.
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    Which A3 is right for me?

    Hi team! Well after 4 years of owning my B7 A4 Quattro it was time to move on - I fancied a change really and wanted to sell before I lost too much money. We have also sold our Qashquai (thank god!) and replaced it with an E60 520d which will be my wives car and double up as the family car at...
  18. AudiSport

    Tiptronic gearbox any good?

    So I'm looking to go Auto on my next car, and fancy a 2.0T Quattro Tiptronic. What are they like to live with? And has anyone run one of these with a remap - how does it handle the torque? And finally, do they all come with flappy paddles? thank you!
  19. AudiSport

    New knob?

    As title really, I'm looking to upgrade my knob and gaiter and would be interested to see what other people have got - or upgraded to. I like the stitching detail I have seen on the DTM and Beetle Sport ones? I also like the OEM look. No lights!
  20. AudiSport

    Disconnected battery and car in 'safe' mode?

    Hi all, I have a 55 Audi A4 2.0T with a stage 1 Revo map. It has had an intermittent problem where my built in Bluetooth hands-free would get stuck on call mode. However I could turn my iPhone Bluetooth off and clear the problem. This week, once again it got stuck on CALL. However nothing...