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  1. Forbzeeee

    S-Tronic Gearbox Failed (DSG Issues)

    Hi all, I had the dreaded news that my gearbox has failed and needs to be replaced. Car is out of warranty (2015 S3 - 40k miles) and has been modified to stage 2 with a TCU tune. Not sure if this contributed to it or not but I know that i will need to pay out a lot of money. Symptoms -...
  2. Forbzeeee

    Turbo Problem HELP Required asap

    I was out on Sunday and attempted to overtake a slow driver and all of a sudden lost power, car went into limp mode, EPC light came on and the car sounded a bit Subaru-esque. I switched off, waited a few mins and then back on again... No EPC light... (phew). I started driving and it was fine...
  3. Forbzeeee

    MRC vs Revo Stage 2

    Hi All, I took my car to MRC today as I was curious to find out how much power my Revo stage 2 map was giving me. Some of you will know I always wanted to stick with Revo as I have been a fan for years. I've always had Revo on my S3's (8L, 8P and now my 2015 8V). I ran Revo stage 1 for a...
  4. Forbzeeee

    Squeaky Super Sport Seats

    So my drivers seat has developed a squeak mainly noticeable when turning left. It sounds like it is coming from the upper side bolster and therefore within the seat back. I am going to call Audi to book it in but wondered if anyone else has suffered from this?
  5. Forbzeeee

    Finally running Revo Stage 2 ECU and TCU...

    Hey guys, After much deliberation, I have finally bitten the bullet and upgraded from Revo Stage 1 to Revo Stage 2 ECU and TCU. I had been running Revo Stage 1 for over a year but due to the cost of getting stage 2, due to hardware requirements, and the small gain in terms of £ per HP I had...
  6. Forbzeeee

    Technical Service Bulletins TSB (S3)

    Does anyone know if there is a list of TSBs available? I am specifically looking for those related to 2015 S3's. I know that Audi try not to publish them but it would be good if there was something like this so that I can things fixed under warranty before it expires. Any ideas?
  7. Forbzeeee

    Has the new TTRS really got 395 BHP?

    I've just watched the video from the Beijing Auto Show and it looks like the TTRS will have 395 bhp.... Is that right? Will they be upgrading the RS3 to the same power? I know you're thinking why is he posting this here but the reason is that I like my S3 and was just about to get it Revo'd...
  8. Forbzeeee

    S3 Puncture with 4mm tread

    Hi all, Quick bit of advice.... I have a puncture on my O/S/R... All tyres have around 4mm tread left. Would you replace just one tyre, the two rears, or all four? Thanks Forbzeeee
  9. Forbzeeee

    Hard water causing water marks - Any suggestions?

    Hi, I live in a hard water area (the water is ridiculous around here) and it causes me problems when washing my car. I have to dry my car the second I stop putting water on it to prevent these water spots and water marks. I have tried using products on the car to help the drying process and...
  10. Forbzeeee

    Audi Complete

    Has anyone got the Audi Complete service plan on their A3 or S3? How much are the different options? Annoyingly, it wasn't available for me when...
  11. Forbzeeee

    Plastic thing in wheel arch

    Does anyone know what this is and why it's here? I cannot see it on any other cars when I look at your pics!! I have them on all four arches!
  12. Forbzeeee

    Interior Detailing Advice

    I am after a quick bit of advice about interior cleaning and protecting for my S3 8V. 1. What do you all use to clean and protect your steering wheel and leather seats. I have the super sports seats so wondering what would be best to keep them looking new and not getting worn and shiny as they...
  13. Forbzeeee

    What car did you have before your A3/S3 8V?

    Not sure if this has been done before but whilst I am waiting for my S3 to be built I've been wondering what cars you all owned directly before your S3 8V. I'll start go first despite not technically owning my new S3 yet :) Make: Audi Model: S3 8P S-tronic Year: 2009 Years owned: 3+ and...
  14. Forbzeeee

    S3 Order.... Am I missing anything?

    I am just about to place my order for a 3dr S3 and just want to check I haven't missed anything in terms of spec. Is there anything you wished you had specced but didn't? ...And is there anything here I should add or remove? Delivery is expected in the first week of April My Spec: S3...
  15. Forbzeeee

    A3/S3 Pan Roof and option questions

    I am just about to place my order for my new S3 but I have a couple of questions about the panoramic roof and some others about other options. My spec is: S-tronic 3 door. Sepang Blue (Please let me know of any problems with this colour other than the fact everyone seems to be ordering it)...
  16. Forbzeeee

    S3 Owners! What car are you getting next?

    Hello ASN family, As you know I deliberate a lot over my cars and what to get next. I was getting an S5 (2013), then an S5 cab then S3 saloon now back on an 8V S3 3 dr. My question is quite simply.... what car are you getting next and when?
  17. Forbzeeee

    S3 8V vs S3 8P3 Stage 2+

    Hi all, Sorry if this question has been asked but I couldn't find a conclusive answer using search. My question is how does the new S3 8V compare to an S3 8P3 Stage 2+? Has anyone made the move from old to new? If you have owned, or been in both then I'd really appreciate your feedback. My...
  18. Forbzeeee

    My 1/4 mile time at GTI International S3 8P3 DSG

    Just thought I would post my 1/4 mile time from GTI Inters at Shakespeare Country Raceway on Saturday at 14:15. It was a good day, I met a few of the forum users and had a lovely cheese burger courtesy of ASN at the stand. Thank you!! I wish I could've stayed for longer as it turned into a...
  19. Forbzeeee

    Suspension and Handling Mods - H&R ARBs and SuperPro ALK

    Good evening, I hope you're all enjoying the weather. My car is booked in next week at AMD Essex for H&R Arbs and a SuperPro ALK. I am also getting the dog bone mount upgraded, they've recommended a SuperPro Insert. Firstly, is anyone running this setup because I want to know how it feels...
  20. Forbzeeee

    Puff of blue smoke after coasting

    Hi all, I've just had my car taken to stage 2+ and had the cambelt and water pump changed at the same time. Now when I coast downhill (I live in a very hilly area) and get to the bottom, as soon as I hit the throttle I get a puff of blue smoke. It only happens after coasting and not under...