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    Benitez Sacked

    Put it into to Google and you will see the deal is done All my life i've waited for this moment and now it has arrived :D
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    Hi I got this can to try from a Wynns rep, (but I’m not on here to sell). Never heard of it myself and thought it couldn’t do any harm. Our Audi TDI with VNT turbo 80,000 miles, normal use like everyone else. (not thrashed) In the 80,000 miles a few little things have happened to our...
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    WYNNS EGR 3 Miracle Product?

    Ok perhaps that’s over stating it a bit, but has anyone tried it? I got this can to try from a Wynns rep, (but I’m not on here to sell). Never heard of it myself and thought it couldn’t do any harm. Our Audi TDI with VNT turbo 80,000 miles, normal use like everyone else. (not thrashed)...
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    Debunking the K&N Myth Why OEM is Better

    People who like this sort of thing may find this article interesting Without the endless anecdotal threads on forums about how it made this car faster and that car better, sometimes it nice to have some factual information. It has...
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    An MOT and a Few Changes

    Booked the car in for another MOT and it past without any advisories. I fitted the Poly ARB bushes several years ago and its still not causing problems, so it’s a cheap upgrade for the long term. I “Ringed” my car last year and am going in June again, so a few serviceable parts needed...
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    Anti Terror Arrest Filmed

    Interesting to see, but wait till we all have to carry an I.D card. It will then be "Show me your papers, your papers are not in order". Sounds similar to something that happened in Europe more than 50 years ago.
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    Is your PS3 Bricked?

    It looks like the PS3 doesn't like the 1st of March? Try switching it on (if its the fat one) and let us know, the problems come from the data and not able to connect to the PS3 network
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    Going To Prison

    Blair is in the dock today... well i say dock, in fact its not a court, its only a public inquiry so he isn't giving evidence, I understand he also doesn't have to tell the truth as its not a trial. But still it would be nice to see him cuffed and dragged to the Hague :icon_thumright:
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    Great Ebay Purchase

    This looks like a great product and cheap too!!!
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    A2 Suspension upgrades

    Hi I did post this in the general section but only got a couple of replies But after a further trawl on the internet i found out a bit of info Fk High Sport - use sachs shocks Fk Konigsport - use Koni Yellow Twin Tube (damper adjustable). FK Silverline-X Stainless Steel - use Koni Yellow...
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    KW Variant 1 vs FK Silverline - Help

    Hi I am planning on changing the Audi GMBH sport suspension on my car (A2 Sport). The original suspension seems to have lost some of its damping ability over the last 4-5 years on country roads and groans and creeks due to top mount wear. So i am looking for some sound opinions on an...
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    A2 Rear Spoiler

    I tried to put this in the ad section several times but keeps coming up with an error New and perfect condition, comes with attachment wires for fixing to rear window electrical connections. As you may know the rear spoiler is only supplied from Audi with the rear window. White patch on...
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    Hitlers take on FOTA and the F1 Series
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    A2 at the Ring

    Hi Good the bad and the ugly… (but not in that order) Hi just returned back from my trip to the Ring and Switzerland, had a good time and thought I would share a few photo’s and my Ring Virgin experience. We had a plan to recon the Ring on Sunday and drive on Monday as we though it would...
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    Just thought i would let you know, Audi are offering free MOT's. If you have an Audi then take it to the dealer for the next MOT. Simply go to the audi website and select you local dealer, fill in the form, print and take it to the dealer. The down side is you are then on the marketing list...
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    MP3 interface

    Hi I have a Sony HD5 plugged into a connects 2 device that then plugs into my concert2 headunit (its the CD player for an A2 2004) and interface works through my cd changer port. Its now on its way out (the connects2 and the HD5 unit), and as im not an ipod person I wanted to try other units...
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    Forklift Fail
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    M3 GTR on The Ring

    Hans-Joachim Stuck
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    Cash In My Pocket

    Sorry if you work the City, but this is a well choreographed vid. Put together in one take, from what I can tell...
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    Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons are ignored

    Is it just me, or is the cycle of violence backed by foreign leaders asking for "restraint" laughable, like both sides have been using F18’s and tanks. Where is the Worlds Middle East Envoy? Oh yes its Tony Blair who has disappeared off the face of the map while the Israeli’s and Palestinians...