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  1. audi18tdan

    passenger airbag Issue

    I lately have been getting intermittant airbag warning light on my passenger side. It seems to cycle through on and off like it thinks someone is setting there. I know there is a recall on this but what is the fix for this?
  2. audi18tdan

    Dash Lights go out

    Hi, Got an issue with dash lights and screen going down after a longer drive. Engine still runs though. Recently replaced battery. Any help appreciated
  3. audi18tdan

    Dash lights going out

    During longer drives my dash lights go out and even popup screen goes down but engine continues to run. Battery recently replaced. Any ideas?
  4. audi18tdan

    Drivers Window not auto

    Driver's Window the only one which doesn't go down or up with one touch. All other windows go up and down with one touch of button. Any ideas?
  5. audi18tdan

    To replace factory SLINE shocks/springs?

    I love the look and handling of SLINE suspension however it's so crashy and so jarring that I am looking into replacing with uprated shocks/springs but don't want to go any lower. Can anymore tell me if uprated springs/shocks would make any difference in ride quality and is there anything I can...
  6. audi18tdan

    Document returns

    Hi, I managed to forget to include my no claims discount confirmation and a copy of my license in with the mod report and i have received an email requesting these and telling me my policy will be cancelled within 7 days of no response. As i had paperless documents via email with my previous...
  7. audi18tdan

    S3 Elec water pump not working?

    Electric water pump when engine off is no longer working. I am sure it used to come on all the time when the engine was off but now it isn't coming on, is there a sensor for temp to trigger when it comes on or should it always run when engine is off no matter the temp? I have checked the usual...
  8. audi18tdan

    Thermostat housing bolts

    Replaced thermostat due to overheating and managed to lose one of the housing bolts so wondered if anyone on here had atleast one spare they could post to me asap? 2002 Audi A3 1.8t 8l1 Many Thanks
  9. audi18tdan

    Fitting S3 rear brakes to A3

    Currently got S3 312mm disk upgrade on front but was wondering if worth fitting S3 rear brakes and if so what's required - just carriers and disks or callipers, carriers and disks? cheers
  10. audi18tdan

    TIP Issues - Help!!

    Removed standard TIP and it has an alloy adapter on the end with an o-ring seal! Found out that this won't come off to re-use on new Forge TIP and mullered it in doing so. I have the AUM 18T and the turbo end doesn't fit over the turbo and so i thought i needed to reuse this adapter. For...
  11. audi18tdan

    Aftermarket headunits question

    I'm wondering how people have wired their HU into their A3's as i have been told by people that i need to wiring in to my fuse box to get an ignition switch off to resolve my dead battery issue. So I can't believe everyone has to do this and are getting the same problem as me so I want to...
  12. audi18tdan

    Aftermarket headunits - igntion switch

    Are anyone on here able to have their aftermarket headunit turn off with the ignition as i believe this setup is not easily possible? I basically have this issue where my headunit stays on with ignition in the off position and therefore i am under the impression it's becuase the igniton isn't...
  13. audi18tdan

    Offset - I thought.....

    Been working out what offset to go for with the new wheels i'm ordering this week and the reponse i got from the company was the following for my car which i was suprised to hear and wanted to confirm me getting it all wrong? If you are running 10mm spacers on ET:42.5 then you are currently...
  14. audi18tdan

    New wheels - what offset?

    those of you who have these wheels, what offset have you got and did they rub on adjuster or arches? cheers
  15. audi18tdan

    Recommended Alarms

    what alarms are people running and what do they recommend i get to replace my standard? cheers
  16. audi18tdan

    Intake polishing

    best way to polish intake manifold, remove or whilst on engine? If remove how easy this to do? Also any recommendations on what to use to polish it up?
  17. audi18tdan

    Removing injectors

    How easy/hard is it to remove your injectors for inspection and cleaning, anything i need to bare nin mind when removing them? cheers
  18. audi18tdan

    Gerald Blas - dodgy character

    After placing an ad on for wanted replica S4 wheels i got the following response: S4 18" Replica wheels Hi, My name is Gerald and am from the united Kingdom.I saw your wanted advert over the internet and i still have for sale in a mint condition.Please get back to me on...
  19. audi18tdan

    S3 Strut Brace

    got an S3 strut brace for my A3 1.8t and it doesn't sit flush because of clearance issues with the bonnet lifter location on the passenger side. Also mine doesn't have pre-drilled holes. I'm gonna have to grind the end down so it doesn't sit on the strut surround maybe so it doesn't sit against...
  20. audi18tdan

    Rear ARB droplinks

    Got Eibach rear ARB hitting custom exhaust on rear sus compression and i've seen some people running drop links but i can only find the Vmax adjustables which i have on front but believe these won't fit so anyone know anyone selling something like Neuspeed ones?