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  1. amar06fbr

    i am back! (amar akoya panoramic roof retrofit)

    hi all, right i am back :D for the new members hi all hope are well and i will be looking forward to seeing what you lot been up to and here is who i am :D that car has sadly gone long time ago, but now i...
  2. amar06fbr

    A4 arm rest B6 or B5

    I bought this armrest from ebay and i checked it to me it looks like its a b5 and in the auction it says b6 and is it possible to fit a b5 armrest in to a b6 Audi A4 Armrest (With bracket) | eBay Thanks lads
  3. amar06fbr

    Audi A6 4G

    hi chaps, iv retrofitted the new led xenons into a A6 4G iv used the kufatec wireing. the instruction on the coding part is somting i dont understand and i cant code them :( the drl are working but the cornering lights are on with the drl and theres no flash. anyone got the coding? thanks A.
  4. amar06fbr

    Headlight conversion

    Right lads, I’m mostly known over at the A3 8p section but that is at rest for a while as I have bought a A4 2.6 v6 for temp but may end up keeping it as it’s a nice car :D I have bought a set of facelift headlights, and I have the two piece headlights. i will be looking to forward to...
  5. amar06fbr

    N8, you selling up?

    N8 you selling your bits :think: AUDI S3 A3 RS3 8P OEM SIDE SKIRTS 5DOOR AKOYA SILVER WITH DOOR STRIPS 2010 MINT | eBay :blink:
  6. amar06fbr

    Amar Akoya's A3 build (panoramic roof retrofit)

    since last year i have been on the lookout for apanoramic roof, it would had been easier to buy a new a3 but i didn’t fancy gettingrid as this car got history and i have spent loads on it. so iv ended upsourcing one out from a breakers yard and dug in to it i will upload all pictures once...
  7. amar06fbr

    RNSE slow slow with reading 2 gb memory card

    hi guys, iv purcahsed a new rnse with media button to replace my old 1 as i slightly damaged the face on it while working on my car. there are both 2010 media button rns.. my old rns used to take a few secounds to read my memory card, my new 1 takes 5 mins to read it :think: should i return...
  8. amar06fbr

    rear wiper issue

    Hi lads (and ladies) Am sorry if am bringing this up agen if this has been delt with before but my frends a3 is having a few problems with its rear wiper it squirts fine but its stuck up at 12 o'clock and won't go either 3 o'clock or to 9,would he need a new wiper motor or there any other way...
  9. amar06fbr


    i had 8p1 bi xenon fitted to my a3 tdi about 2 years ago, and i recently did my mates a3 (same thing) and he had the error coming up on his dash as i did, last week his car went into dealers for some warranty work and some how audi deleted the error :S how is this? i was told that we was supose...
  10. amar06fbr

    what wheels shall i go for?

    iv been running a set of rs4 reps 19"s and iv got bored of them.. want a change for this summer and plus am thinking of lowering.. which 19"s do you think would suite akoya silver sportback? iv been thinking about rs6 but am not sure.. any ideas? thanks
  11. amar06fbr

    s4 lower grill (sline bumper)

    sorry ppl just got time to get pics of my mates car y'day
  12. amar06fbr

    audi a4 avant chrome trming

    my friend has a a4 (b6) avant.. and he is looking for some chrome trimming that goes around the windows.. is it easy to remove this from another car? there is a a4 breaking on ebay and that lad goes you will have to take it off yourself.. just want to kno is it easy and how to? thanks guys..
  13. amar06fbr

    parking sensors?

    anyone has rs4 b7 front parking sensors or would i get away with using audi a4 b7 front sensors?
  14. amar06fbr

    quick question on rns

    am interested in buying an rns-e and iv currently got an aftermarket kenwood dvd.. but originally had a concept cd player.. and the rns-e i believe is out of an audi s3 06 plate.. and am goin to be getting the c.d auto changer for it.. iv never done research on the rnse etc but i read couple of...
  15. amar06fbr

    Rear Sportback lights

    iv had my rear lights dun with a auto coding box by kufatec a year ago yday i had taken my friends car to dis lad in Leeds and he had coded the back lights up to the brightest and i didn't actually believe him till i compered them both and thier are actully brighter. i had realised when you...
  16. amar06fbr

    Panoramic sunroof

    anyone kno if its possible to fit a pan roof?? thanks guys (5door sportback only)
  17. amar06fbr

    airbag light!

    i had decided 2 remove my steering wheel 2 day 2 update it. i had taken of the air an realized that i didn't ave the right star key to open the steering wheel an take it off i had put the air bag back on and the airbag lights have come on (peddles are working fine and horn) any experienced this...
  18. amar06fbr

    GMBH HELP!!!

    am fairly new 2 this forum.. could some1 possibly help me... has any1 got a GMBH kit or know were i could purchase 1? thanks..