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    For Sale Genuine B8 S5 19" alloys - refurbished

    Recently professionally refurbished by Platinum Powdercoating Aberdeen in anthracite and never fitted since. Came off my s5 when I bought it and I was going to keep these as a winter set, but they're now nicer than the ones that I bought to replace them! Part number should be in the photos so...
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    Wiper question

    If my wipers are on and I turn the car off, the wipers don't come back on until they're put back to off on the stalk and then turned on again, if that makes sense? Is this a fault or a feature, and if the latter, how do I change it so that they resume from where they were set?
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    New owner - Hello and some questions

    Hi folks, I've recently purchased a 2010 S5 Sportback. I'd been looking for a B8/B8.5 S4 but the right combo of options never came up. I then stumbled upon this and found that you seem to get more for your money and a better looking car to boot! I'm not new to the Audi fold, I'm coming from...
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    For Sale Porsche calipers, B7 S4 discs, cruise control and Q5 pads

    Cruise control. Brand new dealer part so comes with stalk, cowling and instructions. I've a steering wheel control module in the box as well that you may or may not need. £SOLD 2 Porsche Macan calipers. Brand new. pn 95B615123F & 95B615124F. £450 for the pair. 345mm brand new MTEC drilled...
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    For Sale Audi A4 B7 Xenon headlights

    Very good condition A4 B7 Xenon headlights with new adapter loom to convert non-xenon car. Collection from Aberdeen preferred but happy enough to box and buyer can arrange their own courier. £380
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    Bit of fun for B7 owners

    Best 3 cars you've owned. Best 3 you could realistically own (barring a lottery win) or realistic bucket list. Owned: Audi S2 S197 Mustang convertible (V6 :( ) E24 635csi Goals: BMW 8 series 190E Cosworth but money has gone silly E39 M5 or Alpina B10
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    Rear shock fitting

    Which end attaches to the hub? Mine were fitted one each way.
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    Milltek - Resonated Vs Non-Resonated Experiences

    Looking to purchase a complete new exhaust soon and want opinions on the way to go regarding the center pipes. I suspect non-res would be more to my taste, but not at the risk of upsetting neighbours considering most are retired and I leave for work early doors. How loud is the non-resonated...