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  1. EnzoS4

    Just to say Thanks

    well after 7yrs of owning the amazing S4 its time for a change, I would just like to thank all for your assistance and help over the years, its been emotional... just some personal thanks to aragorn, Blue_Thunder, Byzan A4 and docurley and anyone I missed - thank you so what is my next...
  2. EnzoS4

    S4 Steering Wheel

    Seems most model wheels will fits the S4(B5) (yr-2000) but before I get one just want to check if this will fit.. mine is looking abit shiney.. on another note, I do like the new RS4 but I was very surprised that I kept up...
  3. EnzoS4

    v4 Bike

    Not a fan of bikes but other than the jet turbine bike, this would be one to add to the list, but not sure it will do 90 degree turns...? The Ferrari v4 Superbike
  4. EnzoS4

    S4 Clutch

    been in for a service and Audi have said the clutch is on its way out. this is the original clutch, so about 8ish yrs old... 100k miles, which I think is great for a clutch but could be why so expensive. looking to get this done, but most of the cost if labour and wondering what else is...
  5. EnzoS4

    Goodyear Eagles

    not sure where to put this (admin - can move if required) Just had my tyres changed, I always change all 4 due to the quattro system. the fronts where down to 2mm but rears still had 4-5mm left. anyway not sure if these are any good to anyone and if tyres can be reused.? if anyone...
  6. EnzoS4

    Pressure washer

    for the poll - was thinking maybe a good idea for others who are looking also for a new jetwash / pressure washer which ones are recommended Had a Bosch pressure washer for about 5+ yrs and its starting to fail. Before this detailing - I went into local DIY stores and got one, now that I...
  7. EnzoS4

    AWE Boost Gauge

    anyone know where to get just the AWE gauge, all suppliers I've tried so far only do this with the vent. AWE quote $75 for just the gauge but don't have any currently in stock..? AWE have released the gauge with the white needle which is the one I want for the facelift model. I want to swap...
  8. EnzoS4

    cleaning the little gaps

    could see any hits... the audi rings and the S4 logo for example on the boot, just can't seem to get the little gaps clean (example the middle in the 4), can't get the cloth in, tried a soft brush - no luck. any suggestion..?
  9. EnzoS4

    Charcoal filter (N80)

    started the car today an heard a buzz / hum, checked and found what looks like a little pump, looked in the RS4 manual and says its the Activated charcoal filter solenoid (N80), haven't noticed or heard it before. a little drive and check when I got home and still running. is this normal on...
  10. EnzoS4

    Snow Foam

    Its time for get some new foam, current use Autobrite which is good, but have no experience of any others... any recommendations...? Autobrite - super foam Meguiars - hyper wash Bilt Hamber - autofoam
  11. EnzoS4

    any programmers

    wasn't sure where to list this under... do we have any programmer on here that can do batch scripts.. I've got to create a automated script to do ftp and confirm it worked, I also need to report different failures. no errorlevel are returned from ftp batch srcipts, so far I've output the...
  12. EnzoS4

    bl**d kids

    luckly I didn't catch them... on the way home I stopped of at a local shop to get some milk as you do. I got the milk, paid for it and got back to the car only to find the bonnet covered in dirt and with a bl**dy pine tree on the wind screen and bonnet.... I saw the 13+yr old kids when...
  13. EnzoS4

    Paint Thickness Gauge

    I cleaned my mates old astra with my G220 and it worked really well, someone else now wants their car done, but this one is a 2004 model and I've seen a lot of you pros using Paint Thickness Gauge. I am not going to start cleaning everyones car so can't justify buying one but concerned if this...
  14. EnzoS4

    high oil temp

    can VAG-COM display the oil temp, I have S4 year 2000 if so do you know which menu(s)
  15. EnzoS4

    S4 Oil Temp high

    this is a bit long, but we need help... the oil temp seems high around 110 without driving hard or going over 3000 revs. normally for me the temp is around 90. this happen after a service from Audi who fixed it by replacing the oil. my next service was with non-audi garage and it happened...
  16. EnzoS4

    Cambelt parts

    did a search and could find all the required part for a cambelt change, obvious ones: cambelt water pump coolant themostat what else do you need..? this may also be helpful to others once the list is complete.
  17. EnzoS4

    Achmed the Dead Terrorist

    not sure if this has been put on here, but funny as hell... also worth watching the others - Achmed the Dead Terrorist Peanut Sweet Daddy D
  18. EnzoS4

    School Bus

    what was your school bus like..?
  19. EnzoS4

    dynamix dyes

    any one try these dyes...?
  20. EnzoS4

    corrupted display poss FIX...!

    has anyone had this done...? down side is you have to sent your unit away...?