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    For Sale Audi A4 Avant 2010 1.8T

    Selling the A4 Avant, reluctantly but we’re trying to get a mortgage so need a cheaper car for the time being. Well looked after and in good working order. Just had new discs & pads all round along with shocks and a fresh MOT. 98000miles with FSH, will slightly go up as used daily. Powerflow...
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    Help Please S4 / s-line rear diffuser

    Getting a quad exhaust fitted on Friday to my avant (1.8T has a double on the left side as stock) so bought an S4 diffuser, didn’t realise I needed a piece of trim for the diffuser too. Looks like another £150 for the chrome strip [emoji46] Anyone have an S-line or S4 quad outlet diffuser...
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    Mods & resale value

    Please let me know if not in the right section. I’ve got 19” aftermarket alloys on my 2010 A4 avant and about to get a custom exhaust fabricated. Also have an RS4 grill. Is it worth holding onto the OEM 18” alloys (pictured) and old exhaust for when it comes to selling on or is it more...
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    Willie’s Avant

    So it’s been a few months and it’s time to start changing things up, got a good idea from posts here on what to do, definitely looking for a remap & exhaust soon as well as some cosmetic changes. Here she is as bought in November, had the windows done straight away along with a de-badge...
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    Long time lurker and Audi lover!

    Hi all! Thought it was about time I joined up and said hello, after months of lurking on the forums and enjoying the chat. Currently own a 2010 A4 Avant B8 S-Line 1.8T (which is for sale), in the near future will be the proud owner of an A4 Avant B7 2.0T Quattro, which I have some plans for...