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  1. urquattroisland

    Hi everybody!!!!

    hi there new here also..:icon_thumright:
  2. urquattroisland

    Chiped or Not ????

    05 fsi does not say mutch?? is it a tt tfsi?? then you have a turbo 200hp engine. and a chip would help, but buy something good not cheap sh....
  3. urquattroisland

    new guy here

    :respekt: yea i am happy by the way i can probably help with a chip later for the s4. I have a lot of setups for these cars... a really nice one who works good 290hp and they are real...
  4. urquattroisland


    you see the old one in the background of my, 1984 ur... thats the winter tires on both..:jump:
  5. urquattroisland


    thought id put in my Q7 here.... well i had one black first, with the offroad package, but the panorama roof started to leak so, I got a new one.... :haudrauf: the new one is graypearl with shine off green in the sun... :icon_thumright: S-line 21"summer rims, and 20"winter tires... :respekt...
  6. urquattroisland

    Monster V12 TDI Q7

    I have had 2 Q7. love them, first i had the offroad version, now i own the S-line. love it. will post pic of both... :hubbahubba: :hubbahubba:
  7. urquattroisland

    new guy here

    Hello from iceland, my name is john and I am a mechanic. That works for audi iceland. I have one urquattro and one Q7 s-line. I love audi more than the next guy, witch you can see from my tatoo on my forearm... he he:hubbahubba: pretty wacko but what the h___:tocktock: :jump: i aslo own...