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  1. Dusty Des


    Hi all. Drove car 20 miles today and wouldnt restart. Jumped car and drove home, had alternator checked and charging fine. No dash lights but does now say start stop not working (Its always off I never use it) Fitted new battery and coded. Old battery showing 52% and 11.3V Battery now showing...
  2. Dusty Des

    Can bus

    Thinking of fitting tyre pressure system. (direct) As Ive already fitted reverse camera and used the can bus under rear seat. 2 can bus wires into same connector. Can I use the same connector a third time. 3 wires to the same can bus pins
  3. Dusty Des

    Sat nav

    2017 A5 b9 Now we cant get Google maps is there a way around this, tried web but nothing. I can get android auto but in google dash just shows compass.
  4. Dusty Des

    B9 Red door warning lights fitted

    Easy mod, plug and play. Due to not being able to find red lights with new connection I had to remove the new socket and solder on the old style from loom in pic of red lights. Then feed cable from red light to puddle light and plug together. Yes its been done before but this cost me less than...
  5. Dusty Des

    Rear camera coding

    A5 B9 2017 Fitted rear camera and its been coded. All works perfect camera wise but when in reverse the music doesnt mute anymore. Been through all mmi options and no luck. Could something have been missed when coding the camera ?
  6. Dusty Des


    Just found out that when in my car I cant use internet on the phone as it thinks the sim card has been removed. Phone is connected to the car and all works fine, phone, google maps etc 2017 A5 B9
  7. Dusty Des

    Car matts

    Has anyone brought car matts from aliexpress ? looking at diamond car matts
  8. Dusty Des

    mmi removal key

    Looked every where and cant find out what the radio/mmi removal key looks like. Anyone got a pic or link please. A5 2017 B9 unit in glove box
  9. Dusty Des

    Sportback trim

    Cant find any instructions on how to remove tailgate trim, can anyone help please. sportback 2017 B9
  10. Dusty Des


    remap on A5 2tfsi B9 2017 252 Quantum come highly recomended at £299 which is not bad but would like rolling road any recommendations
  11. Dusty Des

    B9 A5 mmi

    How do I find out what mmi is in the car. Looking at one and it says mmi high with nav cant see any mention or pic of sd card for music. States mmi navigation sd based. What options were there? 2017 A5 with virtual dash
  12. Dusty Des

    Hill assist

    Hi Fitting hill hold assist. Does the live feed need to be switched or permanent live. It would normally come from Red fuse pannel in boot, Terminal 15 control modules but Im not using rear fuses.
  13. Dusty Des

    Fitting & Ferrite rings

    Finally managed to fit my Thinkware F770. Routed cables through the roof to back of car, one cable into tailgate for rear camera, one cable to rear power in boot. I first tried going down the A post but didn't like the fact that there is an air bag and it might hinder operation, and I couldn't...
  14. Dusty Des

    Door lights

    Is the loom for door lights red & puddle the same on the non facelift as the facelift 2015 Any one check parts numbers please.
  15. Dusty Des

    Door light

    Any reason these wont work on an A5 Quattro 2015
  16. Dusty Des

    Fusso pre treatment

    Brought some Fusso F7 Whats the best thing to use before using the Fusso, just a good wash ?. I'm not going to clay first too much work :-)
  17. Dusty Des

    Fusso f7

    Which Fusso f7 for Daytona Pear Grey Light ? Dark ? White?
  18. Dusty Des

    Allignment ?

    Well Ive had the car 2 weeks now and love her. But A5 S-Line Quattro 2015 2ltr 225bhp She had a problem with road holding. On a long straight she would not hold a straight line, I would have to put constant small steering adjustments in all the time Right then Left then Right etc She has now...
  19. Dusty Des

    Starting problem. Help

    A5 Quattro 2ltr 225 2015 My wife stalled the car last night trying to revers up hill into parking space. When trying to restart the car as start stop didn't work? the lights and dash lights went out. Put in neutral, hand brake on, Clutch in push key lights out again. 3x same result. Took key...
  20. Dusty Des


    Hi Picked up my A5 Quattro 2015 on Tuesday from an Audi dealer. Noticed that the car needs lots of small inputs to keep it in a straight line, it goes left, then input, then right, then input, then left etc ect Thought it might me ALA but it doesn't appear to have it Checked tyres all seem ok...